Choose Your Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape 2022

When choosing a pair of glasses, it’s good to consider your face shape and hair color. Glasses can emphasize the best aspects of your face and camouflage the weak points. Are you looking for the best look? Find the glasses that suit you best!

What Is The Shape Of My Face?

With hundred of available shapes in the market, it is quite hard to know which sunglasses type will fit your face shape. First of all, you need to determine the shape of your face. Here are the 5 main categories:

  • Oval
  • Triangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart-shaped

Glasses For All Face Shapes

The Truth About Face Shapes: Hardly anyone has a perfectly shaped face like a heart, circle, square, or any other specifically defined figure. Most faces are the result of a combination of different shapes: rounded chin and high forehead, angular features and tapered jawline, etc.

Choosing a pair of glasses from a multitude of images can seem impossible. What you need is a shape of glasses that looks like you.

Our tips provide guidelines to help you determine how to strike the right balance and enhance your features — not rules you can’t break.

This practical guide to face shapes gives you some tips for choosing the right style of glasses when shopping. The shopping of sunglasses can be done offline as well online from famous stores likes amazon, ebay, alibaba, dhgate wholesale etc.

1. Round Face Sunglasses

If you have chubby cheeks, curved lines without angles, a semi-circular chin, you probably have a round face. For you, the dilemma will be to give more relief to your face or to accentuate its roundness with round glasses.

To give a little more character to your face and to structure it, it is advisable to turn to angular and geometric shapes.

If you want to assert your round face and stay in the 2019 trend, opt for a Camden -type sunglasses model for women from Etnia Vintage or buff sunglasses for men.

2. Oval Face Sunglasses

Is you face shaped in Oval shape? How lucky, you can afford almost anything for the choice of your frame. Perfectly proportioned, the oval face goes easily with all frame shapes.

You can keep it simple and choose a classic shape or go bold and opt for a more elaborate and geometric  eyewear shape.

You might as well let your desires speak for themselves and choose a pair of glasses that suits your style and your personality!

3. Square Face Sunglasses

With structured features and proportions that are equal in length and width, square faces often display a pronounced jawline and broad forehead. If this is your case, you have two options: either you accentuate your geometric lines with a graphic frame, or you soften your features with a more or less rounded shape. According to our opticians, the best compromise remains the cat-eye frame such as the 430 model from Tom Ford or the pilot-style frame from Ray Ban.

What you absolutely must avoid: glasses that are too square and frames that are wider than your face. They will accentuate the square shape, which may make you look rather strict.

4. Triangular Face Sunglasses

For this type of morphology, the face is a little longer than it is wide. The chin is broad and square, the cheekbones and forehead are narrow, and the face tapers towards the temples.

The main idea is to widen the upper part of the face and distract attention from the lower, more imposing part.

Triangular faces can opt for glasses with bulky frames and a wider top. The most suitable frames are aviator , cat-eye , and round glasses.

Choose Your Sunglasses, Above All For Their Protection

You now have all the cards in hand to make the right choice of sunglasses adapted to your morphology, but also to your personality. But let’s not forget that before being a matter of style, sunglasses are essential for good protection against the sun’s various UV rays.

We advise you to take the time to seek advice from your trusted optician or optometrist, who will be able to tell you the protection indices according to each lens.

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash

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