Cloud Nine: What To Expect on Your First Private Jet Flight

Booking yourself a flight on a private jet for the first time is enough to make anyone feel like a celebrity. No doubt you’ll spend hours imagining what it will be like: the experience of boarding without the queue, knowing you’ll have the cabin all to yourself, the gorgeous view you’ll have from above the clouds — it’s a dream come true. Since you’ve never indulged in this luxury, you’ll likely have many questions about what your inaugural private flight will be like and what to expect. We’ve got the lowdown and all the details you could ever need.

At the Airport

Your charter plane experience begins before you’ve even set foot on the jet — with your airport arrival and check-in. If you’ve done a lot of commercial flying, you’ll already know what would usually await you — lots of people, lots of long lines, and a relatively long wait to get from A (check-in desk) to B (flight gate). Flying with a private charter company is a very, very different story. You’ll head over to what is known as a Fixed Base Operator terminal (FBO) and begin your quick and simple check-in process. Since private air travel is all about the passengers and what will suit you best, you’ll depart according to your schedule rather than the airline’s.

Once you’ve completed your speedy check-in, you can board your own private hotel with wings. There’s no need to stress or rush to board — since you’re the only passenger/s, the plane will only depart when you are ready to leave.

private jet

Boarding the Jet

Oh, the luxury of having an entire plane to yourself! You’re about to experience the best possible way to travel. Most rental jets have a fairly similar layout: a lounge-style cabin filled with armchair seats that convert into sleeper chairs if need be. Some jets (depending on the plane and the company) may have luxuries like a bedroom or shower.

The cabin crew will show you around your temporary home and explain all the features and amenities to you and your party. The comfort of the seats, the luxury of being able to move about a plush, luxury cabin all your own, and the dedicated service of a cabin crew there to look after you and only you are a few more things that make flying on a private jet the experience of a lifetime.

On the Flight

You’ll have to remain in your seats with your setback upright and seatbelt on while you ascend, just like on any other flight, but once you reach cruising altitude, you can really begin to enjoy your flight. The menu may be entirely or partially personalized (again, this will depend on your agreement with the jet company), but the food will far exceed the packaged meals you get on a commercial airline. You’ll be enjoying your gourmet meal and libations at 40,000ft without the prying eyes of strangers in the seats next to you or chatting to your family without having to whisper over a sleeping seat-mate and, at the same time, be on your way to your holiday or business destination.

Depending on the service you booked, you may have access to all kinds of in-flight treats like massages or skincare treatments to have you feeling your best when you land. You may have a beloved pet on board with you (rather than in the cargo hold) to play with, or you might be alone and ready for a nice long nap. That’s the beauty of private jet travel — the ability to customize your experience.

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Other Things To Note

Here are a few more reasons (as if you needed any!) to be incredibly excited about your first private jet flight.

  • There is no chance that your luggage will be lost or damaged. Since you are the only passenger/s on your aircraft, your luggage goes directly from checkout to the cargo hold of your plane. Private companies are much more conscientious about handling luggage, too, so you won’t experience any breakage of bags or possessions.
  • The cabin crew can give you their undivided attention. Your crew will likely be small, but so is your party. You’ll get all your meals as soon as you want them, get drinks in a timely manner, and have access to any assistance you need without having to flag down the closest flight attendant on an enormous passenger plane.
  • A private flight is not just a way to get from one place to another — it’s an experience and a part of your holiday. Think of your flight not as a journey but as an extra bit of holiday relaxation and pampering — because that’s what it is.

A Life-Changing Flight

Once you’ve invested in yourself by booking a private jet, you’ll never look at travel or flying the same way again! Get ready to be treated like the super first-class guest that you are and indulge in the pleasure of a hotel with the convenience of moving while you’re in one. Prepare to never want to fly commercial again.


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