Combining Two Household: Guide For Moving In With Your Partner!!!

If you and your partner have decided to start a new life then this is just the ideal time to move in. But do you know that moving is not just all about transferring the entire stuff but it also includes a lot of other tasks that a person has to complete in a specific period. The experts at iMoving state that one can always hire local movers with us when moving in with their partner, but there are other critical things involved in the process that must be handled efficiently.

Other tasks that you have to do during the entire moving process are making an inventory of items, purging out of the unnecessary items, getting rid of the unwanted stuff, packing the entire home into boxes to shift these with security, hiring moving professionals, and so on. Check out the guide that how the moving process will become easier and smoother.

  • Be sure of moving in together: You need to be a hundred percent sure before deciding to move in together with your partner and also, pay attention to the time to move. Check if it is the right time or not for such a big step. Ensure that your partner also feels the same as you are feeling and is comfortable enough to shift with you. You should always consult with your partner to know his/her choice before you start planning to move in with him/her.
  • If your partner is ready to move in with you then you should be ready to adapt to the changes: If your partner agrees to shift you’re your house then make sure that he/she is comfortable enough to make some changes in the apartment and also into the living. Sometimes people prefer to do little changes such as bringing new furniture or wall decorations, etc., according to their taste in a new place so that they can feel like their home. You should be ready to accept the change else it could create problems later in your relationship.
  • Look out for apartments to move in: After deciding to combine households, if you both do not want to shift into each other’s house then you and your partner must look out for different apartments following your budget and other needs and preferences. Also, check the environment of the locality such as neighborhood, crime rate, housing cost, green areas, restaurants, etc., while selecting an apartment. Consider the needs and requirements of each other before you get an apartment on rent.
  • Take enough time to look for your belongings: You along with your partner should go through all the belongings you both possess and figure out whether you both have some duplicate items such as the same household or bathroom items and only the single item can work for both of you. Now, you need to see which items you both want to carry with you to your new home and which items you want to discard. Get rid of all the unnecessary items.
  • Set aside the non-essential items: For shifting to a new place, you might need to hire a moving company, and they charge based on the weight of all the belongings. The more the weight of the belongings, the more will be the charges. Hence, to reduce the cost of moving, you and your partner will have to decide to set aside some items that according to both of you would not be needed in the new home. After setting aside the non-essential items, give a thought about selling or donating the same to get rid of those items. By selling these items, you can also generate some money which would be helpful for the survival of both of you.
  • Sort out about finances: Before shifting into a new apartment, you and your partner must talk about the finances. Sort out that whether you both want to have a joint account to settle the bills or you both want to divide the bills. Diving of bills implies that one person can take care of a few out of a lot of bills, such as- rent of the apartment and maintenance charges, etc., and the other can take care of the rest of the bills, such as- electricity bill, water bill or any other bills. Else the expenses can be carried by the joint account. It is just a matter of your preferences which you both like but discussing finances is very important.
  • Look for storage: If you have many belongings and there is not enough space in your home then you can look for storage space. Place some of your stuff in these storage spaces which will make the move smoother as you will not fall short in space while packing and moving the items. Check if the moving company offers the storage space or not.


Combining the two households could be a happier start to your life so make sure you plan well so that it works great for both of you. Have a good strategy to move with your partner and use all the above tips to have an efficient and successful move.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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