Connecting To and Through Art

Art Platform – Los Angeles, a modern and contemporary art fair running September 28-30, 2012, in the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, aims to connect people to art. “And to each other through art,” says its executive director Adam Gross.

It’s an environment particularly suited to artist-entrepreneurs, the constituency Cultural Weekly champions; a viable artist community needs a strong collector-base. With artists’ works ranging from $500 to $500,000, represented by galleries worldwide, Art Platform – Los Angeles is geared toward acquisitions for collectors at all levels. It’s also a place where non-collectors can explore what’s most significant in visual art right now.
Gross, who formerly was on MOCA’s development team and has served as a private art dealer and consultant, explains it this way;
“Los Angeles is experiencing a remarkable moment in its cultural history, especially in regards to contemporary art. There are more artists doing more interesting things here in Los Angeles than in virtually any other city in the world.
“LA has benefited from some of the best art schools in the world are here, with amazing artists teaching the next generation. Ten years ago John Baldessari was telling his students, ‘If you want to be a fine artist, move to New York.’ Those days are over. Now he says, ‘Stay right here.’
“LA is experiencing a moment not unlike what New York experienced in the forties and fifties and Paris experienced in the twenties and thirties. We have a remarkable concentration of artists. We can extend this moment if we can provide an economy for the artists: then they will stay.”
Information about Art Platform – Los Angeles, and how to purchase tickets, here.
Photograph of Adam Gross by Christopher Kilkus for Allyssa Pizer Management.

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