How to Create a Target Wedding Registry

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Do you know that a target wedding registry checklist is the best for wedding gifts? Read this post to learn how to create a target wedding registry!

A target wedding registry is universal with over 1800 locations. This is a registry that allows you to add gifts from anywhere to your target wedding registry list. You stand to get free target wedding registry coupons, plenty of freebies, and other discounts.

There are also other target wedding registry ideas you can opt for if you don’t want gifts. Let’s show you how to create a target wedding gift registry for all the gifts you need.

Set up an account

You can open a target wedding registry from anywhere. If you have no time to walk into the store, set one up online. To find a wedding registry target, go online click on their website. You also have the option of downloading the app from either the App Store or play store.

Once the page opens, click on the button at the upper left corner of your screen. You will see and then activate the button named “registries and lists”.

Set up a wedding registry

To set up a wedding registry at a target, scroll down the page on your screen. You will find many options including wedding, babies, house warming and all. Click on the wedding option and another page will pop up.

The next page to pop up will be “create registry” button. If you have an account already, hit the YES button and log in. If you are using the target registry app, it could bypass this stage if you have an account already. It will take you to the home page straight. If you don’t have an account yet, hit the NO button and create an account.

walking in storeEnter your information

The next page you will see will come with instructions. These instructions will be about where to enter your details and what details to enter. This will include your full names, the name of your spouse, and the date of the wedding.

You will also include your email, registry details and indicate any other person associated with the registry. You will put down a shipping address where guests can send your gifts to and contact numbers.

In the registry URL, you will create a simple name associated with your wedding. This is for the benefit of people visiting the registry. They will be able to know the right link to click on.

Pick your desired items

Browse target online store to see desired items to add to your list. They come in categories which include kitchen appliances and home essentials. There is also the electronics and games, dining and entertainment, and bedroom.
You will also find fitness and outdoors, patio and garden, luggage and travel categories. The last of them include furniture and decor, storage and organization, bathroom, etc.

You can hunt for specific items by typing it in the search bar. When it pops up, click on the “add to registry” button located on the top of the screen. If you buy gifts worth $35 and above, you get free shipping. You will also hey 15% discount on items left after the wedding until 6 months post wedding forward.

Opt for other ideas

If you want special wedding gifts or something very expensive from a target registry, there are other target wedding registry ideas. You can pick something expensive and you’d get it. It could be that home theatre you’ve been drooling over or that classic oven. Group gifting allows you to get those gifts you’ve only dreamed of. Target allows group gifting of items regardless of the cost. They can do this through target wedding registry cards electronic.

Another good news is that the target is in partnership with Honeyfund. If you do not want gifts, but want a memorable honeymoon, target got you. Set up your honeymoon funds registry at target and be on your way to happy Ville.

Scan items

The target wedding registry is a universal one. So, as long as target stocks an item, you can walk into any store, scan it, and you’d get it. How do you go about this?

First, you need to download the target registry app on your phone. With this app, you can scan items into your list. Walk into any physical target store or other stores, and scout for stuff you like.

Activate the scan icon at the bottom of your screen to capture the bar code and white box of the item. Hold your screen to the bar code until you get a signal that it’s added to your registry.

Do you see that setting up a wedding registry at Target is quick, fun, and simple? A Target wedding registry is a lifesaver to many couples. Even if you are in a dilemma, with a target checklist, you’d get the perfect gifts!


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