Creating your own Perfect Home Bar

An escape from the busy world, you want your home to be relaxing, stocked with comforts, and a fun space to spend your time and unwind. Most people also want their home to be somewhere people can congregate. So, its no surprise a record amount of people are looking into designing their own home bar. Home bars should be inviting and stylish, but also purposeful and organised, so sometimes managing both can be a tricky feat. Here’s what we suggest to create your own perfect home bar.

Location, location, location. When deciding where your home bar should be, consider the size. Do you want a few armchairs and a well stocked bar trolley or are you investing into redesigning an entire room to act as a perfect portal to a more relaxed time and space? If you’re planning on a refurb, use a basement, a spare room, a conservatory, or even a shed.

If you’re a little strapped for space or don’t want to dedicate as much time to the build, think about an open plan space such as a living/dining room or a communal media and entertainment space. You can very easy help craft the feel of separation with different flooring – like a dark engineered wood in the living room and a light oak parquet flooring in the bar area. Add some easy-to-use room dividers like curtains or Crittall glass screens for a more intimate feel.

Make your space purposeful. Add shelving or even a stemware rack if you’ll have use for it. Storage can be important and if there are young children in the house, will have to be secure and safe to stop little hands reaching what they shouldn’t.

Think about the finishing touches. Traditionally a pub or classy bar would be finished in rich dark wood and brass elements and this isn’t hard to imitate at home. Choose your style and go for it. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from your favourite places (real or fictional) and consider the decorations you’ll be adding like mirrors or the upholstery on bar stools.

Choose your décor with clean up in mind. Drinks can be spilled, bottles can be sticky, and if you’re having friends over to enjoy your new space with you there’s a possibility of even bigger messes. Your bar area should be stocked with cleaning equipment like rags and sprays. But to ensure it stays looking spotless, choose easy to clean surfaces like Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring and a well sealed wooden bar top.

Don’t get too preoccupied with the idea of having the most equipment, the best glasses, or even the top brand spirits. It’s your home bar, not your town’s biggest and brightest. Make the space fit for you- whether you like an ice-cold lager at the end of the day (so make sure you have a great drinks’ fridge) or a Cosmo (in which case investing in some martini glasses may be a good idea). You don’t need to break the bank to make your own home bar, and you may even find you save money in the long run from those cosy nights in with family and friends!

There are some essentials it may be wise to stock up on which will generally last and are versatile enough you can use them for a variety of drinks. Purchase some grenadine and bitters. If you are going to be making cocktails some fruit juices, soda water, lemons, and basic mixers like lemonade may be a good idea.

Remember you don’t even need alcohol to make a home bar. Your space should serve you so if you’re looking for a mocktail or a milkshake for the end of a tough day, use these tips and alter them to your own wants and needs. Drink smart, don’t drink and drive, and try to enjoy yourself in your own brand new home bar!

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

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