Crowdfund This: Fanny's Oral History Project

The focus of this week’s crowdfund project is on an amazing person about to work on an amazing and necessary project.
We met Franny Garcia when she was still at UCLA, getting her degree and working as staff on the historic UCLA publication, Westwind.
Now she’s off to Columbia University where she will be starting a special project:

My work is guided by a deep sense of responsibility to document the lives of migrants (especially Hondurans) whose complex stories have been muted by the mass media’s need to turn complex life stories into sound bites for public consumption and by draconian immigration laws that dehumanize and invalidate personal stories and histories. This commitment to make the perceived insignificant lives of immigrants notable, and to do my best to create a platform for them is what drives my work as an oral historian.

She has already sold all her things and taken on random jobs to fund the school part. She just needs a bit of help to do the project right.
Let’s help, CW readers!

Crowdfund This: Fanny’s Oral History Project

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