Cryptocurrency Mining: How To Get Started With Mining Free Bitcoins?

Bitcoin has been the poster child of cryptocurrency in recent years, which is justified by looking at its performance. With a market cap of nearly a thousand billion now, it has been heavily speculated that it will one day replace more traditional forms of currency. Cryptocurrency is becoming very popular with people who have grown tired of traditional currencies. The long-term success of Bitcoin has led many people to look into other methods to mine these currencies. But without proper knowledge about different aspects of mining, you cannot possibly make the best use of mining tools. To cover all the answers to your questions, detailed answers to all your questions are provided here. You can check for more information at

The Concept of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is simply the act of executing a complex computational process to discover a unique number. It’s called mining because the resulting number (called the “nonce”) must be below a certain threshold for Bitcoin mining to succeed. Imagine solving a complex puzzle to give you a better idea of what Bitcoin mining is all about. Bitcoins are the currency used in this analogy.

You use your computer’s processor to try and discover a solution to the puzzle. When you find it, you’re “mining Bitcoin” and are then rewarded with new Bitcoins. As an incentive, the Bitcoin network increases the difficulty of these puzzles (i.e., makes them more difficult) by generating more hashes for each mining round. This is known as “adjusting the difficulty level.”

Merits of Mining Bitcoin

The most apparent benefit of Bitcoin mining is that it would become less profitable over time. At first, miners used basic home computers to mine for Bitcoin, but now people are using vast arrays of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) dedicated solely for mining purposes. This means that only those with the money and resources can profitably mine Bitcoin, creating a barrier to entry for new miners and maintaining profitability even at current prices. The main benefit of Bitcoin mining is that it ensures that all users are on the same page. Without Bitcoin miners, users could send each other Bitcoins freely without proof of who sent what to whom.

Some Term Related to Bitcoin Mining

  • Bitcoin Miner

A Bitcoin miner writes the software to solve complex problems and maintain the network’s integrity. Miners must work within the bounds of applicable laws to profit from their labours. This means that you must be aware of regulations in your jurisdiction and always comply with AML and KYC policies. 

  • Bitcoin Difficulty

The difficulty (or hash rate) measures how difficult it has become to mine Bitcoin. As the difficulty increases, mining Bitcoin also gets tougher than mining bitcoin. The current block reward for mining bitcoin is 12.5 bitcoin for mining a single block. As time moves on, this reward rate will decrease to 6.25 bitcoins per block in 2140. Each year that passes will become harder and harder to mine a new bitcoin.

  • ASIC Software

The software used for mining is ASIC Miner (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). The cost of mining Bitcoin depends on several factors, including the current difficulty, power and space costs, the rate that you mine for coins, and even your location. 

What is the role of mining in earning free Bitcoins?

You can’t simply go to a website, enter your Bitcoin address and start earning free Bitcoins. But you can read more about them at The process of mining (solving complex math problems to find a new block) takes a lot of processing power, which costs money. However, using a unique piece of software called a miner, you can turn your computer’s processing power into something useful, like new Bitcoins. There are many types of hardware that you can use for Bitcoin mining, each with advantages and disadvantages.

There are many different ways you can start mining Bitcoins, and many of them will require you to invest quite a bit of money upfront. The most common way is by buying specialized hardware, but it may take a while for Bitcoin prices to increase enough to recoup the cost. Other methods are available if you want quicker results and don’t mind paying more upfront costs.

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