Cultural Daily Contributor How-To Information & Tutorials


We are so happy to welcome you as a contributor to Cultural Daily! On this page you’ll see how the process works.


1. Register Yourself


After you have registered, please email the editor who invited you. The editor will update your permissions so you become a Contributor.


2. Create Your Author Profile

3. Post Your Content


After you post your story and click Submit to Editors, you will get a emails to update you on the progress to publication. These emails will come from — please make sure that email address is on your approved list so the notifications don’t go to your spam or junk folder.


The email notifications will tell you when:


    • Your post has gone to the editors
    • Sometimes the editor will have some suggestions; in these instances, you’ll get an email asking you to go back to your post and revise
    • Your post has been scheduled for publication
    • Your post has been published — and please share it on your social media


It is so important for you to share your posts on social, and to ask your audience to share it themselves and subscribe for our free Cultural Daily emails. We don’t have a marketing budget, so we are counting on you to share and spread the word!


4. How To Size an Image

Here’s another way to size an image:


5. How to Upload an Image


6. How to Embed from YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud


Thank you again for joining the Cultural Daily team and contributing your insightful and original content. We hope these videos will help you get more comfortable as you continue to create and publish.


**A quick note: Sometimes things you added (like a video or a keyword) disappears when you hit “Save.” DON’T PANIC! Just add the particular material again and hit “Save” again. Sometimes (unfortunately) it takes 2 or 3 times for it to stick. It’s an old WordPress bug that comes and goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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