Cultural Weekly Live: The Program

Cultural Weekly Live will take place on Sunday, December 13, beginning at 3:00 pm at Osso in DTLA’s Arts District, 901 E. 1st Street (at Vignes), LA 90012. This event is free and no tickets are required. Just show up and join us.

Here’s the program. We look forward to seeing you there!

3:00 pm Music by Lilly Flor Del Valle

3:35 pm In The Ultimate Sex Shop Of Our Imaginations… Poetry performed by Elisabeth Adwin Edwards, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Rich Ferguson, Rick Lupert

4:30 pm Gatekeeping vs Holding Space: Editing, Publishing & Curating as Social Justice Work. With Skira Martinez (CIELO Galleries), Zoë Ruiz (The Rumpus, Kaya Press), Janice Lee (Entropy), and Yago S. Cura (Hinchas de Poesia). Panel moderated by Chiwan Choi

5:25 pm Music by Isaac Takeuchi

6:05 pm Dare to Dance: Choreographer/Director Sarah Elgart Wants to Challenge Your Idea of What Dance Is, Where It lives, and Who Can Do It

6:35 pm Beginnings and Endings: How Do You Know Where to Start, and How Do You Know It Is Ready? Featuring Amy Ziering (producer, The Hunting Ground), Jessica Ceballos (poet, publisher, designer) , Allon Schoener (cultural historian, curator). Panel moderated by Adam Leipzig

7:25 pm LA, Writ Large: Varied Voices, Poetry performed by Rocío Carlos, F Douglas Brown, Alima Sherman, Melora Walters, TK Le

8:20 pm Music by ThE CoNcEnTr8s


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