Cultural Weekly Takes Its Next Step as a Non-Profit Foundation

We have some big news to share, and we’ll start with a gigantic Thank You!

Thank you for your support as readers, contributors, and creative community members!

Eleven months ago, we took an experimental step with Cultural Weekly — we became a sponsored project so we could receive tax-deductible donations. It was our beta test. We wanted to see if we could gather enough financial support from our community to keep going.

You came through strong. We raised over $11,000 from 115 community members. This shows great support, and makes our beta-test successful.

Today we have big news. We have just become our very own non-profit foundation.

We have incorporated as the Next Echo Foundation, which is now an official 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Why “Next Echo”? Because creative people shape the path toward what’s NEXT and ECHO the truths of our society. Next Echo will support creative work that envisions our culture moving forward, and work that reflects our world, so we may understand ourselves more clearly.

Over time, we hope that the Next Echo Foundation (with Cultural Weekly as its free, public platform) will expand services and support that we can offer to our community – to you! Services like artist-to-artist mentorship opportunities, technical and entrepreneurial support and training, and rights management, while maintaining enough flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of creative communities.

October is National Arts and Humanities Month. Will you consider supporting us in the next leg of our journey? Your donation today will give Next Echo Foundation a strong start:

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We look forward to our future together.

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