Cultural Weekly's Website Design: Hello!

At least we’re not
Unlike the dysfunctional website for Obamacare, we have actually managed to get ourselves ready, quietly and behind the scenes, so you are reading this on your new and improved Cultural Weekly.
For the past eight weeks, we have been working on re-launching this digital magazine’s website design. It’s been a group effort, led by some amazing folks in London supported by our team in the US.
We hope you like our design changes. In addition to being more visual, we’ve also made the site responsive, which means it will automatically format itself for whatever screen you’re using—a mobile device, a tablet or a computer.
Plus, the administrative back-end of the old website had been cobbled together with the Internet equivalent of duct tape and bubble gum. Now, even though you can’t see it, we shine under the hood.
Every magazine expresses a view of the world. Cultural Weekly envisions a world where everyone joins the conversation about the creative culture in which we live. By elevating the conversation in way, we will make our collective culture better.
We know there are still some things to fix; we’re still adding authors’ biographies and photos, repairing links and otherwise tamping down gremlins that appear. Please let us know about anything you find, and it will go on our trouble-shooting list.
Thanks for bearing with us. We’ll have our glitches ironed out in a few weeks. Without spending 100 million taxpayer dollars.
Photo by Kabir Bakie at Blue Ash Community Fireworks July 2005; reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

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