Cultural Weekly’s Top 10 for 2017

2017 was a year of turmoil, change, and reflection. Cultural Weekly’s Top 10 for 2017 are no different: They are conversations about dance, poetry, politics, entertainment, movies, and large creative ideas.

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Here are Cultural Weekly’s Top 10 for 2017.

10. Chiwan Choi: The Fire This Time, Jack Grapes’s appreciation of poet Chiwan Choi on the occasion of Chiwan’s newest book, The Yellow House.

9. Sex, Lies, and the Issue That’s Larger than Harvey Weinstein, my look at the larger context of #MeToo, and how our culture of objectifying women has deep roots.

8. Frank O’Hara’s “Meditations in an Emergency”: A Poem for Our Moment, Daniel Mathew’s correlation between the famous poem and our cultural juncture.

7. Bias and the Business of Show – Employment Discrimination in the “Entertainment” Industry, Kathleen Antonia’s detailed review of ethnic bias in the entertainment industry.

6. What Does the President Want?, Todd Alcott’s review of 45 from a screenwriter’s perspective.

5. Interview with David Kaczynski, Bunkong Tuon’s deep interview with the poet, the brother of Ted Kaczynski.

4. Book Review: As Real As Rain by John Yamrus, Eileen Murphy’s review of the poet’s new book, a grand, graphic experiment.

3. Sundance Infographic 2017, our annual survey of the independent film industry. Stay tuned! We’re already working on the 2018 edition of this signature feature, which we’ll publish mid-January.

2. 2017 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize Winners. Congratulations again to the winners and finalists! We’ll do it again next year!

1. Call for entries of the second Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival. This was our most-read feature of the year, and we received many great submissions. Winners will be announced in the new year, and with that, we wish you all a wonderful, engaged, and creative 2018! We have much work to do!

Top image: Jason Segel in The Discovery by Charlie McDowell, which was an official selection of the Premieres program at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

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