Dance God

Dance is all encompassing. Perhaps in more than any in other activity, with dance an individual lives completely in the moment making split second decisions about how the body moves in time and space… about speed, shape, rhythm, and so much more. Because try as one might to disguise the inner psyche, the body doesn’t lie. Dance is a language of the human condition. There’s no mistaking the shy, the wounded, the euphoric, the lonely, the confident. Each individual’s movement voice speaks volumes about their emotional state of mind. Maybe that’s why randomly breaking out into dance in public places is so often discouraged. Should so much of the human heart be publicly revealed? Does it trespass some unspoken moral code of conduct? What are we all doing here anyway?

Dance god 1

As Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival zeros in on its final three weeks, these are some of the themes we are seeing explored in our submissions. They are polished and raw, student and pro, and they come from as far away as places like India, Mexico, Amsterdam, Germany, the United Kingdom, and beyond. And all of this would not be possible without the help of our sponsors, the most recent of whom is Go 2 Talent Agency (GTA). GTA is a boutique talent agency representing wonderful dancers and choreographers who encompass all genres of movement and in all fields of the entertainment industry. As such I want to extend a very special public thanks to Lisa and Terry Lindholm for their generous donation to D2D! We are so grateful for your enthusiasm and support!

In the spirit of dancing in public, this week’s ScreenDance Diaries tips its hat to The God of DDR, a short documentary about Dance Dance Revolution whizz Hiroyuki Imamura. In this funny and poignant short by director Oscar Hudson, Imamura, a traditionally shy, dance layman, emboldened by the game Dance God, is called out and dubbed the God of DDR after a secret video of him playing the game goes viral on YouTube. In it he talks about how he really feels dancing in public. The God of DDR is a reminder that sometimes that which we are most secretive and covert about is in fact exactly what unites us.



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