Daniel Perez: “The Guardian Spirits”

I am the guardian spirit of nature
I believe in the flesh and the appetites
I roam my self over the hill tops
I pace through the forest
Hearing the leaves rustle under my footsteps
I hear the birds chirping
Humming their destined melodies
From afar from up close
Everywhere I go I see perfection
There is no limitation
I have said that the soul is not more than the body
Earth satisfies my thirst
Rejoices my inner anxieties
Nature takes everything in its path
It too has taken me in its course
It’s force is so great I cannot resist

I believe the ? (leaf) of grass is no less than the journey-work of stars
Everything we do and not do must have a purpose

A purpose to flourish in the uneven terrain
To sprout among all the roots that are settled within the earth
I am the poet of the women the same as the man
I value equality among both genders
Each one so unique in their own special way
No one greater than the other and no one less than the other
Nature has made us equal, lets not go against her
I keep roaming the earth protecting it from harm
My soul is clean and at peace with itself
Don’t infect me with your negativity
You can also change
We are all open to change
I’ll give you the anecdote to your salvation
Take a walk in the forest
Let nature become part of you
Feel the soft earth under your toes
Inhale deep breaths, to taste nature
You will soon be gone
Nature will always remain
I am the guardian spirit

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