Dare to Dance in Public Film Fest & A Beautiful Destroyer

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival closed on November 27th with submissions from 11 countries! We have seen films from as far and wide as Germany, France, England, Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Australia, India, and of course the United States. We have been thrilled to see a community of people coalesce around the globe to challenge notions of where and when dance should happen. We’ve travelled across the world to see dance in a variety of cultures and public places, from a couple dancing their love through a central market in Mexico, to a young woman dancing past military trucks down a remote road in India. It’s been thrilling and amazing.

I must once again thank and acknowledge the support we have received from a myriad of generous individuals including Anita Mann, Global Dance Initiative, Liz Levitt Hirsch, Go To Talent Agency, Jeff Slayton, Tony Testa… Thank you all, we could not have done this without you! And stand by filmmakers… Next up, the judges will get together to select winners to be announced early in 2018.

To end this year on a note of inspiration I offer up for your viewing pleasure TR/ST: Destroyer, choreographed, co-directed by, and featuring dance by the fearless and fabulous Ryan Heffington. With LA’s  nocturnal beauty as a back drop, a gorgeous palette and camera work, an unsuspecting police patrol car, and Heffington’s signature movement that comes straight from the gut, this wild video danced down the city’s streets delivers a beautiful new song by Canadian industrial-pop musician TR/ST.

Wishing you all will enjoy Happy Holidays, and above all wishing for a world illuminated by the light of peace.

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