Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: The Honorable Mentions!

The first Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival has ended and last week the winners were announced. We are so pleased by the enthusiastic response of our readers and of course most of all by the input of so many talented filmmakers, dancers, and choreographers!
Once again, speaking on behalf of all the judges, we are beyond thrilled that we encouraged so many talented individuals to go out and create. And as also stated last week, because there were many more films than the five award categories, we felt we had to acknowledge a few additional films and subsequently elected to add on three Honorable Mentions.
This week we are very proud to feature these three films from the Honorable Mention categories. From Krump to Contemporary, each of these films stood out and demanded recognition for their strong and stunning dance and camera work, and unique aesthetic point of view.
They are:

  • “ESand”, Direction, Dance, and Choreography by Erin Elliott, Camera & Editing by Hso Hkam
  • “We Wear the Mask”, Directed by Shiouwen Hong, Camera by Matthew Hoodhood, Dance by Megan Wright


  • “Queen of Krump Miss Prissy Freestyle 2016”, Direction & Camera by Manny Fernandez, Dance by Miss Prissy

Congratulations again to all these outstanding filmmakers, dancers, and choreographers!  We encourage you to view and share widely and…
#DareToDance  #DemocratizeDance
(featured image from “Raw” by Caitlin O’Rorke, 2016 Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival winner in the Best Interface of Dance & Camera and Audience Choice Awards categories)

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