Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Round 3 – The Honorable Mentions

Last week we announced the winners of Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Round 3 and today we are thrilled to announce this year’s list of Honorable Mentions! Once again, this year D2D received worthwhile films from all over the world. Amongst them these films stood out for their inventiveness with dance and the camera, interactions with the public, conceptual ideas, sheer beauty and much more.

Back2Zero (Europe)

Back2aero2 2

Director: Rain Kencana

Choreography: Kadir Memis

Dancers: Juan Tirado, Diego de la Rosa, Claudia Iglesias Ungo

Producer: Manon Lemoine

Music: Milian Vogel


Loneliness in the City (Japan/Germany)


Directors: Atsushi Kakefuda, Saki Tagami

Dancers: Emiko Tamura, Leon Barande

Music: Kenji Minami


Ever and Anon  (US)

Ever & Anon

Director: Rush Johnston

Choreographer/Dancer: Rebecca Lee

Director of Photography: Natalie Cox

Producer: Eliana Krasner

Editor: Julia Asher


U Could Be (US)

u could b

Directors: Ani Taj, Maddy Talias

Dancers: Aya, Fernando Contreras, Audrey Hailes, Georgia Sanford, Fernanda Alvarez, Desmond Sam, Tina Vaden, Michael Love Michael, Ani Taj

Music: Eucademix

Voiceover: Aziza Barnes

Editor: Maddy Talias


Stay tuned in future issues for features on these and the winning films.

If you are in Los Angeles, this week only you can see the four Honorable Mentions, 6 Award Winners, and other officially selected films in their entirety at our first ever screening this Saturday, January 11 @ 5:30 pm at REDCAT, as part of Dance Camera West. For tickets and information on this and the entire completely worthwhile DCW programming (January 9-12), go to: http://www.dancecamerawest.org/schedule-2020

Meanwhile enjoy this teaser for Ever and Anon!



*Feature image from Back2Zero


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