Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival Round Two – 2017 – is HERE!

Attention Dancers, Choreographers, & Filmmakers!

Due to overwhelming requests we have extended the submission deadline for Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival to NOVEMBER 27th!

Cultural Weekly and ScreenDance Diaries are very excited to announce the launch of Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival 2017! Following the success of our first year in which we had submissions from all over the world, Round Two of D2D comes to you with a renewed sense of passion for exploring the intersections of dance and film, and an amazing panel of world-renowned judges.

Shiouwen Hong's
Shiouwen Hong’s “We Wear the Mask” was an honorable mention in Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival 2016.

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is about bursting off the stage to create dance in public spaces and filming it to share. Whether it’s in a bus terminal, train station, grocery store, street corner or airport… get ready to go out, do it in public, film it, and share it. Do your part to democratize dance. Whether its random, intentional, or accidental… whether you happen upon it, ponder it deeply and carefully, or create it spontaneously, ScreenDance Diaries and Cultural Weekly invite you to find or create dance in public, capture it on camera, and submit it.

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is accepting submissions through November 27, 2017 but don’t wait…. Start stirring up those creative juices now! And the sooner you submit, the longer you have to promote your work for Audience Choice Award. Along with yours truly, this year’s panel of judges include an amazing array of experts from the worlds of dance and film: Casey Brooks (director of commercials & dance films), d. Sabela grimes (Rockefeller Artist, choreographer, composer, and educator), Julie McDonald (Agent, Founder McDonald Selznick Associates), Vincent Paterson (Award winning choreographer & director), and Desmond Richardson (Tony nominated dancer & educator). You will want to get your work in front of these eyes! Stand by for more about the judges coming soon.

Caitlin O'Rorke's
Caitlin O’Rorke’s “Raw” from Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival won Best Interface of Dance & Camera.

The Rules:

  • Each dance film must take place in a public space (e.g. city street, parking lot, alley, public building, beach, bus or train terminal, museum, station, etc. however not inside a studio, on a stage, or in a private building or house). Please note that the visible presence of passersby/members of the public at large is preferred but not mandatory.
  • There are 3 submission categories for films:
  1. Polished:  Films in which filmmakers intentionally create and/or pre-conceptualize the choreography and filmic approach in response to a public site or space, keeping the space, and/or its usage in mind.
  2. Raw:  Films in which filmmakers capture a dancer or dance event that is happening within a public space in a more spontaneous and/or random way.
  3. Student:  Films in either category submitted by a student 17 years and older.  When submitting, please note the category in which you are requesting consideration.  If you do not note judges will assign the film a category.
  • Each film must be posted on YouTube. The title line must include the hashtags #DareToDance #ScreenDanceDiaries #CulturalWeekly and#DemocratizeDance. You must include the YouTube link in your submission form.
  • Length: Each submission must not exceed 5 minutes 30 seconds in length (5:30).
  • Deadline for final submission is 11:59 pm Pacific Time on November 27, 2017.
  • Submission/processing fee is $20 per entry. All submissions must be made through Submittable at this link: https://culturalweekly.submittable.com/submit/89691/dare-to-dance-in-public-film-festival-round-two-2017
  • Submissions will be judged based to a greater or lesser degree (depending on the submission category) on the quality of choreography, concept, originality, use of space, and interface of dance with the camera.
  • Awards will be given in 6 categories, with five categories being determined by the judges as follows:
  1. Best Interface of Dance & Camera
  2. Best Original Dance/Choreography
  3. Best Use of Location
  4. Best Overall Performance
  5. Best Student Film in either category (student films will be judged taking into consideration elements of the above criteria as well as overall talent, apparent promise, and general creativity.
  6. Audience Choice Award, and will be determined by the number of YouTube “Likes” your video receives.
  • Winners will receive a minimum $50 cash prize (exact amounts TBA), and winners in each category will have their dance shorts & a brief write-up featured in Cultural Weekly’s column ScreenDance Diaries when winning films are announced
  • By submitting your entry, you affirm that the work is entirely your own and that you have the agreement and/or permission of all involved, as well as the permission to use it. This includes rights to use music. Please be aware that YouTube may take down copyrighted music that is used without permission.  

In case you need some visual inspiration, check out one of last year’s winning films for Best Use of Location: “What’s the Rush” by Jacob Jonas.

Remember, “All the world’s a stage” so…  We dare you to dance in public!  


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