Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is HEATING UP!

Our second year of Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is heating up! We have already viewed some amazing international submissions from countries such as the Netherlands and England and are expecting many more… We are so excited to see what everyone contributes creatively, and how people from diverse international cultures and backgrounds are thinking, moving, and expressing themselves in the unique language of screen dance!

This year we are casting a much wider net, outreaching to many more dance platforms and institutions to get the word out, and more submissions in. We also have a greater number of award categories – including one for students! To sustain all this we need your help. We need funds to support the awards for winning filmmakers themselves and funds to assist with administrative assistance.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival. Make a contribution HERE to Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival. Then, simply send an email to sarahelgart@mac.com with your name, the amount of your donation, and your request that it go to D2D.  Your contribution will be used expressly for D2D.

We welcome and are grateful for whatever you are comfortable with.  


Last year, 98% of our submissions were made for the festival, which means D2D is encouraging creativity.

And, on that note, I’d like to take a moment to thank two incredibly generous donors: For the second year in a row, we thank the legendary choreographer and wonderful friend to dance, Anita Mann Kohl. She continues to believe in and come through for D2D! Thank you SO MUCH Anita! And this year we also have a very generous contribution from a wonderful organization, The Global Dance Initiative, which spotlights heroes in our world – those that use dance to heal, connect and inspire. By raising awareness for their amazing work, and unifying their collective energy, we hope GDI will inspire others to do the same, and affect true change in our world. You can check out their amazing work. Thank you Global Dance Initiative!

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And finally, take a look at our new teaser made up of winning films and honorable mentions from last year’s Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival, edited by our very own talented and wonderful Danielle King… Thank you Danielle!

(Featured images from “Casi” by director & D2D judge Casey Brooks)

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