Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Final Days to Submit!

Artboard 1Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is in its final few days of accepting entries! With the deadline extended to November 27th, renowned judges from the worlds of dance and film – Casey Brooks, d. Sabela grimes, Julie McDonald, Vincent Paterson, Desmond Richardsoon – and entries coming in from all over the globe it’s a great opportunity to explore and stretch the boundaries of dance and film done in public space. We are so excited to peruse all the films and select winners in six categories!

Although I’ve never seen this dance in its entirety, An African Walk in the Land of China played a couple of years ago at Dance Camera West and is a wonderful reminder of how dance can unite foreign cultures to speak in a common language. In this just over one minute teaser, I love seeing the juxtaposition of different cultures with no reason or explanation whatsoever in the mere walk down a city street, or a gestural dance on restaurant tables at lunch time. Why shouldn’t dance happen whenever and wherever? In every gesture and movement, dance declares our aliveness, our humanness, our sameness, our otherness, and our collective consciousness in the face of this thing called LIFE.

Let the living continue out loud and in public!

Do your part to spread the wealth of dance in public… We dare you to.

A moment of movement from "An African Walk in the Land of China"
A moment of movement from “An African Walk in the Land of China”

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