Dancing Down Paris Streets

Happy New Year! It’s 2018 and Hark… time to rejoice, for dance is everywhere! It’s throbbing through our veins, pulsing through our cities, spilling onto our streets, and pushing through the sidewalks like an unstoppable weed. Dance today is fueled by human exchange… Its universal language is part of an ongoing global conversation and dialogue, and thanks to the web this convo is happening 24/7 both in real and in virtual time.

I’m proud to say that in December the judges from Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival met and poured over their notes on submissions from 11 countries around the world including Taiwan, Mexico, and India. It was a daunting task and we are excited to announce the winners by the end of the month, so stand by for more on that soon.

An older woman levels the demographic playground
An older woman levels the demographic playground

To ring in the New Year right and in the spirit of Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival, I offer up for your viewing pleasure from Nowness Just Dance: Alvin Ailey dancers on Rue Montorgeuil in Paris. This piece is not unlike several submissions we received this year, and what I love about it is that the Ailey dancers burst onto this Paris street and really dare the public to see and navigate their way amongst the chain reaction of dance they create. Not to mention the icing on the cake when a white haired older woman joins them and levels the demographic playground.

This film by French choreographer and director Redha Medjellekh is full of joy and features fun camera work done in a single take.


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