David Dephy: Two Poems


All your pain will soon be erased.
The sorrow of wondering rapidly gone.
The freedom to praise — the brilliant happening,
searching expecting wonders at dawn.
All the world’s mysteries — open them all.

Everything is in you and

if I can find you, someone else will find you too,
someone who, in spite of me, knows where you are,
who is heaven and earth’s ally,
feathered with a letter for you to send.

Then be calm when you feel the smell of the rays.
Then be calm when you guess the meaning of noise.
Then be calm when you see the children are playing.
The pain is now gone — the success is coming.
The mind is a playground of the universe’s silence.

Everything is in you and

I saw on your website,
that your name was once different,
I’m a labyrinth, a digital vineyard
following the scent of ultraviolet light —

The wind on your head’s halo
represented with soft icon lettering.
Look at me, I do not beautify apartments,
tell me if you are who or not

who I found, a ripe star,
a vigilant peck, a drunken smooch
as if the numbers I picked were flowers:
21 – 14 – 24,

A holy trinity, a three-digit code —
to me, three cosmos becoming three jewels,
or the drizzling or snowing when,
opening yourself to me,

You passed by in the distance —
If I can find you, someone else will find you too —
Someone feathered will give you
a letter sealed with heaven and earth’s mystery.



Here is the news—
we have seen what we thought was unseeable,
this is the smile in the dark, the smiling ring of light
surrounding a dark circle deep in the heart of heaven,
deep in the heart of our own expectations, dear friend.
Here is the news—
coming to you every second on the second, wake up.
Event Horizon Telescope like desire of the first kiss,
is calling you, here is the news — here, according to genius’
prophecy, matter, space, and time come to an end and vanish
like a dream, like a childhood’s fears, we are the children
of heaven, children of that smile in the dark, this is the journey
from mother earth, like motherhood is every mother’s journey
with her children, wake up. Here is the news and there is a hope—
the longing for the future, do not ask me what is beyond,
do not say “wake me up when you will see what’s beyond,”
because heaven says: “Everything we want
is beyond our fears.”

Photo credit:  Ru Chita

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