DCReport — New Family Member

We are pleased to introduce you to DCReport, Cultural Daily’s new sibling publication.

DCReport was founded six years ago by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston and editor and reporter David Crook as a non-profit public service, to provide a voice for fact-based journalism and opinion about our government.

Since then, DCReport has carved out a strong niche and readership by uncovering the stories that the mainstream media ignores or completely misses altogether. Along the way, they have broken some big ones, and brought to light important facts, all in the name of protecting your rights as citizens, consumers, workers, investors, and voters. For example, check out David Cay Johnston’s singular recent reporting on the revelation of Trump’s tax returns

When David Cay Johnston and David Crook decided to step back from DCReport, Next Echo Foundation (the non-profit foundation that publishes Cultural Daily) stepped forward. Many of our writers want to write about issues beyond the scope of Cultural Daily, and we want to support independent investigative journalism as well.

DCReport has always referred to our government because we own it and believe we should act like owners, not renters or squatters. That simple act of not referring to the government goes to the core American belief in accountability.

We hope you will enjoy DCReport and subscribe to it. We plan to expand its coverage in the months ahead, and we appreciate your support and feedback.

Visit DCReport here

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