Decorating Tricks to Make Your New House Welcoming and Cozy

When moving to a new house, it always takes a while to feel cozy and at home. Even after you unpack all the boxes and put everything in its place, there is still a feeling of being a guest in your own home. This feeling can last for weeks or even months after moving in and disrupt your comfort.

The home is more than just a place where we go to sleep at the end of the day. Even if your home is rented, it’s still important to live in a place that is warm and welcoming. It doesn’t matter if you’re only staying in your rented home for a couple of months or if it’s not to your taste. It is possible to create a personal style, pleasant comfort, and coziness regardless of the surrounding factors.

Here are several ideas to help you.

Create a Perfect Cozy Kitchen

Since you spend a big part of your day in the kitchen preparing meals, eating, and cleaning, it’s important to make it a comfortable and enjoyable place. Here are a few tips that will help you get started:

  • Add some color to the kitchen walls. For extra flair, choose a bolder shade for the focus wall, and paint the rest of the walls in a more neutral color. A nice design choice is to use custom kitchen splashbacks to add some colour.
  • Focus on comfortable seating centered around a central piece of furniture (like a dining table or an island) where you’ll spend your time and relax.
  • Make sure to keep everything neat and clean, because nobody wants to spend time in a messy or dirty kitchen.
  • If you can afford it, upgrade a fixture or appliance. Changing the faucet or sink might be enough to give the kitchen an extra appeal. You can also consider a different finish like brushed bronze or brass.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Cozy Heaven

When working to make our homes cozy, we often overlook the bathroom.

The days of boring bathrooms are long gone. Modern bathrooms are high-tech mirrors, faucets, and the best toilets that flush a minimal amount of water and clean themselves. But until these wonders of the new era arrive at your house, use the following tips to transform your bathroom into a toasty retreat:

  • Use shaggy bath mats and high-pile rugs to keep your feet warm.
  • Set a cozy tone with warm, ambient light. Use perfumed candles, flameless votives, or twinkle lights.
  • Have a bunch of large fluffy towels ready at arm’s reach.
  • Use lush, dreamy drapes around the bathtub or the toilet area for a chic way to make the bathroom look cozier.

Make Your Home a Cozy Retreat

Keep Your Home Clean
Isn’t it true that you sleep better when your bedsheets are freshly washed? Of course, because it is very difficult to relax in a cluttered or dirty space. If your goal is to make your house cozy, start with keeping it clean.

There’s a theory that the space we live in is actually an expression of how we feel. So, what does a cluttered home say about you? That you’re all over the place? Careless? A mess? This is definitely how you want to be perceived, so make an effort to maintain the hygiene in your home. Keep the floors clean, regularly wash the towels, sheets, and clothes, make your bed every morning, and clear the clutter on a regular basis.

Add Some Light
Nothing makes a house feel less welcoming than insufficient lighting. Same goes for fluorescent lighting. Open the curtains and drapes to fill your home with natural light. In addition, ensure the light fixtures emit warm temperature shades that promote relaxation. Then, add additional lighting with the use of strategically placed lamps, lanterns, and string lights. Installing dimmers will enable you to adjust the strength of lighting based on the time of day and mood. Don’t forget about candles for a touch of soft coziness.

Add Greenery
Flowers and plants are known for reducing stress levels and having a positive impact on our mood. Houseplants also remove the toxins from the air and make your house fresh and clear. If you’re not a type of person who can take care of demanding plants like orchids, there are a lot of highly-resilient ones that can practically take care of themselves, such as cactus, heartleaf philodendron, or peace lily. Place pot herbs on the window sills or a vase filled with fresh blooms on the table.

plants on table in house

Hang Art on the Walls
Did you know that looking at art can make you feel more relaxed and happier? But besides making you feel good, hanging art in your home is also a great way to instill your personality. If you can’t invest in original artwork, prints are a great and affordable way to go.

For instance, you can buy printables in any style and at very low prices on Etsy. All you need to do is print them yourself. Besides prints and paintings, you can also hang textile wall hangings, fiber art, quilts, photographs, your kids’ artwork, and mirrors. If you are renting and aren’t allowed to use nails, opt for hooks or adhesive strips that don’t leave holes in the walls.

Add Texture
Surround yourself with textural objects that you love to touch. Touchable items usually have an interesting texture which adds coziness and depth to any space. Here are some ways to add texture in your home:

  • Add softness. Even the oldest, scratchiest sofa can be transformed into a great place to relax and nap by simply throwing a few soft items on it. A cozy blanket will not only adorn the furniture but will also come handy during chilly nights while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book. Complement it with several cushions or throw pillows in your favorite color and you’ve got yourself a peaceful and inviting space.
  • Use inviting fabrics such as velvet, chunky knit, linen, and faux fur.
  • Mix accessories in materials like wood, ceramic, and leather to create appealing tactile sensations and experiences.
  • Add an interesting shelf of books or, if you don’t have a shelf, simply stack your books.

Use Rugs
Tile, laminate, and hardwood flooring are OK, but they can get really chilly under your feet during the winter. Placing rugs is a great way to feel instantly cozy and warmer.

You can buy a large area rug or layer several smaller ones, which is an even better way to create a welcoming effect. Even if you already have carpets in your home, you can still add rugs on top of them for maximum coziness. Just make sure the rug matches your carpet color scheme.

Final Thoughts

Only you know what makes you feel comfortable, happy, and cozy. Whether you’re in a rental, dorm, or still settling into a new house, surround yourself with things that make you feel good. Make a list of those things and think about how to incorporate them in your home.

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