Design Ideas to Enhance the Exterior of Your Home

Whether you enjoy entertaining in your yard or you simply want to create a more visually pleasing landscape, it’s important to have an exterior that looks put together and presentable. Designing the exterior of your home can be overwhelming, and maybe even a bit daunting if you don’t know where to start or if you are at a loss of inspiration. However, below are some exterior design ideas that will enhance the exterior of your home in a beautiful and authentic way.

Outdoor Decor Trends

Whether you are considering redoing your entire landscape, or you simply want to revamp your existing outdoor decor, here are some outdoor trends that can give your landscape exactly what you’re looking for:

Build an Outdoor Bar

Outdoor bars have been increasing in popularity in recent years. Outdoor bars are especially great for homeowners that enjoy entertaining often. Because outdoor bars are becoming such popular trends for people that want to enhance their backyard exterior, exterior furniture designers have designed outdoor bars that are suitable for most weather, coming in a variety of styles and sizes.

Whether you want a small, wooden outdoor bar on your patio, or you want a fully furnished kitchen and bar made of tile and granite, building an outdoor bar is a great design idea that will instantly enhance the exterior of your home.

Decks Designed to Entertain

People are becoming more and more creative with their deck designs in order to enhance the appearance of their exterior. Additionally, people are designing their decks with the intention to entertain. Some great additions to include with your deck design include:

  • A fire pit
  • A pool or hot tub built into the deck
  • Modern railings; coming in a variety of colors
  • Built-in bar benches
  • A spiral staircase if your deck is on the second floor
  • A pergola; these are especially great for warmer climates and come in various sizes

It’s also worth pointing out that choosing a composite deck, compared to a standard wood deck, may be worth your while. Composite decks are outstanding choices if you plan to entertain because they are durable and easy to clean.

Practice Xeriscaping

Particularly popular in climates that are warm all year long, xeriscaping is a growing landscape trend that can be incorporated into any yard.

What is xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is a form of landscaping that incorporates plants that do not need a lot of water to survive; they are able to live in areas that are prone to droughts and excessively dry weather. The best plants to incorporate in this kind of landscape include succulents, cactuses, and agave. If this is a trend you are considering for your exterior, you can do this in small sections of your yard or you can do this throughout the entire landscape. The possibilities are endless and your yard will look green even in the dryest of weather.

Back to Black

Black exterior accents are edgy trends to pay attention to, particularly black shutters and black garage doors. An expert that works with garage door repairs in Haddonfield pointed out that the demand for black garage doors has increased significantly in recent years. He also added that black accents on the exterior of a home give a house an elegant, yet bold look.

Black shutters and garage doors were popular in the early 2000s and are making a comeback, especially in trendy areas near cities such as the suburbs of California, New York, and Texas.

Designing the Exterior of Your Home

Keeping tips such as the ones above are a great way to begin considering what you want your exterior to look like. Whether you are redoing your exterior all at once, or are gradually redesigning your yard, these design ideas are outstanding stepping stones to get you closer to the exterior you want.

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