Devon Ward: “Make It Make Sense”

Make it Make Sense

I’ve heard it’s El Hajj, ayahuasca, and apologies.
My Grandma says to keep my eyes fixed upon the prophecies.
The homie says to keep quiet, grind, and let the dollar speak.
The internet said it’s as simple as symbols and isosceles.

I remember a professor said in intro to philosophy,
“If God were our father and we were really his kids,
then he built a trap house, moved us in, and then dipped
And in an ancient foreign language left a note on the fridge.
So we deciphered and revised it and decided it read,
‘I left you bombs, booty, and drugs, but don’t touch shit.
And it may seem like eons, but i’ll be back in a bit.'”

So the neighbors caught wind, and the cops came in,
and we were raised within the system that God caused to exist.
As a teen I was eager to buy into many myths.
Now I sit and pontificate on Christ and Buddha parallels,
reconcile by biases and reconstruct the fairytales.
A perspective on a carousel.


“Make it Make Sense,” is a verse from the forthcoming EP, “Time Capsule” (Fall 2019).

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