The A to Z of Dance

Is it a dance film? A commercial? A contest? An alphabet anthology?

It’s all of the above. And above all, it’s a feast of movement. It’s the A to Z of Dance.

This little three and a half minute clip, which is also a dance contest for Diesel Jogg Jeans, hit my Facebook pages just a few days ago, and I tried to resist coming back to it but found that I couldn’t. The very fact that it successfully spans so many forms, and especially that it employs dance for its power to mainline the jugular of youth culture, is part of what makes it work so well.

K is for Krump
K is for Krump

From Classical to Krump, from Step to Rumba, from Memphis Jookin’ to Pole Dance and Twerking, director Jacob Sutton has cleverly taken the dancers and dances du jour and nailed it. Mixing real time and slow mo, locked down and moving cameras, and shot mostly frontally on the streets and skylines of our very own Los Angeles, the A to Z of Dance places some mostly great dancers in simple iconic locations and lets them explode their moves. What I love most is that it serves up dance as a main course, both reinforcing and celebrating its contribution to popular culture. How can that be bad? Enjoy.

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