Different CBD Topicals Available on the Market

CBD for pain

CBD topicals can be a great way to make CBD part of everyday life and start experiencing the many benefits. For many people, CBD topicals are their preferred consumption method. Topical CBD products offer complete control of which areas of the body are affected. This precise level of control can be highly beneficial when looking to treat specific ailments.

Being such a popular way to use CBD, it is not surprising that the topical industry continues to grow, offering customers new and innovative ways to use hemp-derived cannabinoids.

For example, the pure CBD cream from PureKana provides a way to easily apply CBD to specific areas of the body for instant relief when it is needed most. There are also fun ways to use CBD, such as CBD-infused bath bombs and hair care products.

Finding the best CBD topicals for their intended purpose is vital for ensuring optimal results. However, there is what can feel like an endless range of CBD topicals to choose from, and knowing which ones to select is not always easy.

Here are the main categories of CBD topical and the best ways to use them.

CBD Hair Care Products

When most people think of CBD topicals, they picture creams and other products applied to the skin. Many people don’t realize that CBD topicals can also be used on hair to help it stay healthy and look great.

CBD-infused hair care products are still a relatively new idea and, as such, are a little harder to find than some other topicals. However, a growing number of hair care brands are introducing CBD products to their range.

Like when CBD is applied to the skin, CBD can help hydrate hair and prevent it from becoming dry and damaged over time. Swapping to a shampoo and conditioner that contains CBD is a great way to care for hair and keep it looking and feeling shiny.

Many of the chemicals we put on our hair can damage the fibers, causing it to become brittle and damaged. Equally, sun exposure can damage hair and leave it looking flat and dried out.

There are CBD hair masks and intensive rehydration products best suited to hair that has become damaged over time. CBD-infused hair masks can be used to help hair recover after damage.

CBD Bath Products


CBD bath products

CBD bath products are a great way to start using topicals as they offer many of the benefits of CBD combined with the therapeutic effects of a long, calming bath.

The two main types of CBD bath products are bath salts and bath bombs. Both of these options are great, and the best option depends on whether you prefer the bright coloring and intense aroma of bath bombs or the more mellow effects that bath salts can have.

The nice thing about adding CBD to baths is that it allows a large proportion of the body to access and benefit from CBD while requiring minimal effort. Other CBD topicals, like creams, have to be applied to each area of the body actively, but in the case of bath products, all areas that come into contact with the water are affected.

CBD bath products are particularly effective for people who suffer from general aches and pains. Not only can a large proportion of the body benefit from CBD, but baths are also a great way to unwind and relax.

CBD Cosmetics

The benefits of CBD are not limited to just being medicinal. There is increasing evidence to suggest that CBD can have beneficial cosmetic effects and, in some cases, can slow down some of the most noticeable effects of aging on the skin.

Increasingly, CBD is being added to beauty products, providing a way to apply CBD to the skin and soak up its many benefits. Both CBD and cosmetic brands have started to create hemp-based products you can use instead of regular cosmetic moisturizers.

CBD Topicals for Treating Pain



CBD topicals – such as creams, gels, and sprays – are an excellent way to use CBD to treat and even prevent pain across the body.

CBD is known to have natural anti-inflammatory effects that can temporarily reduce pain. While other types of CBD products can be used to manage pain, many people prefer CBD creams and topicals so they can directly target the problem.

The rest of the body remains unaffected, and the pain-relieving effects kick in more quickly as the cannabinoids do not have far to travel. For this reason, CBD topicals are extremely useful when you’re faced with sudden pain as they provide fast and effective relief.

CBD topicals can also limit the reoccurrence of pain caused by inflammation in areas such as the joints and muscles. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can act before pain occurs, allowing the body to focus on recovery and healing.


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