Happy Dinovember! What better way to deal with the final week of this agonizing election than to imagine living millions of years before it existed?
While some people think about mustaches (for Movember) other people think about dinosaurs—for an entire month! Here are some of my thoughts about the extinct beasts. All of these musings use the most cutting-edge science, of course.
Watch out for those ankylosaurs.
Common Tyrannosaurus Rex courtship behavior
Defensive Ankylosaur

Pachycephalosaurus and the Turtle
This may seem like a case of “who wore it best?” however, despite what the turtle may think, the pachycephalosaurs didn’t have a shell on their head, they had a bony dome on their skull. Scientists believe this was used for rutting, like bighorn sheep.

Stegosaurus and the Turtle
urtles and their ilk have been around for about 220 million years (since the late Triassic Period), and the stegosaurus walked around about 150 million years ago (in the late Jurassic Period). Despite the legend, turtles can flip over once they’re upside-down. Unlike this particular stegosaurus. Thus making turtles one of the most successful groups of animals ever to flop around the earth.

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