The Dirty Blonde Hair Trend: Shades That Suit All Complexions

Dirty Blonde Hair & Why You Should Try It In 2020

Dirty blonde hair’s comeback has surely made a lot of buzz in the fashion industry. Who would’ve expected that the inconsistent play of dark shades in blonde hair would become one of the most sought after color choices? Whether or not you heard of it in the past, today it’s considered an overwhelming trend. And now, you’re going to find out why it’s so special in today’s color world.

What Is Dirty Blonde Hair Color?

Also known as dishwater blonde, the dirty blonde hair trend can be anything you want it to be. Ranging from a soft bronde-ish mixture to variously toned blonde and brunette hues, this sensational yet so familiar color can flatter any woman. The major benefit of going for such a color change is that the diversity of the color allows women to experiment to their heart’s content, tailoring unique shades for their skin tones and personalities.

If you really want your next color appointment to be game-changing, dishwater blonde is your key. And we are here to show you how different it can be!

The Diversity of Dirty Blonde Shades

The diversity of possible dirty blonde combinations is so vast that every woman can have and recreate her own version of this color. To help you stay up to date with the latest color picks and combs, we’ve prepared the hottest color techniques that will inspire you. Each of them has its own unique advantages, so you will surely find the shade that meets your expectations.

Dirty Blonde Balayage

Just like a black little dress that every woman should have in her wardrobe, balayage is a timeless classic that everyone should try in her life. The name comes from France and means “to sweep”. Basically, the name speaks for itself, as the coloring technique implies sweeping the added color in a freehand motion. And the result is simply mesmerizing: a natural flow of slightly lightened sections that seamlessly blend with the base. As for dirty blonde balayage, it splits into many versions that may include light, dark, and medium brunette and blonde shades. The good news is, balayage is absolutely low-maintenance because it doesn’t hit the roots much.

Dirty Blonde Ombre

There’s no way you haven’t heard of ombre. All in all, it gave life to countless colorful transformations when it first came in. In fact, if you have doubts and can’t choose between two colors, this technique is what will give you both! To give you ombre, a hair stylist will bleach your hair at the bottom. In general, it hits the area from the mid shafts to the ends. And the best thing is, apart from experimenting with any color you want, you can regulate the transition line. Unlike balayage, color graduation is apparent. This allows for contrasts, which look great with dirty blonde hues. Once you get bored with your shade, you can simply get rid of it while your hair grows out.

Dirty Blonde Highlights

Whenever you want to spice up your hair with some dimension or add some movement to it visually, highlights come in. Besides dynamic movement, this technique provides women with a pleasant refreshing touch of a new shade. Highlights are selectively bleached and/or painted strands of hair that you can always customize, placing them to the front if you need some framing. If you’re a blonde, for example, you will add some depth with dirty brown lights. And brunettes will love the way blonde highlights freshen up their bases. The result may be both natural or dramatic; it’s all up to you. Since highlights don’t involve much bleach, they are pretty safe and low-maintenance.

Dirty Blonde Lowlights

In contrast to highlights, lowlights give a sense of depth by darkening small sections of hair using a darker shade. When it comes to dirty blonde lowlights, your colorist will first apply the mixture of blonde and brunette hues to you, and then darken it at some strands. In this way, you will get yourself a profound finish that will reflect the light once the sun shines down on it. Similarly to highlights, lowlights don’t require much upkeep and can easily revive to your initial shade.


With dirty blonde hair color, you can turn your mane into anything from an effortless blend of natural shades to a dramatically highlighted bronde masterpiece. And you know what? It’s only the beginning. Now that you’ve discovered the most popular and beautiful coloring techniques, you are free to play around with any shades you desire. Remember: dirty blonde is an endless canvas to your experiments.

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