DIY Paint Ideas for Craft Night

Who doesn’t love a craft night with your besties? 

Making memories that last forever should be as easy as pie. It does get difficult to come up with new ways to spend your precious nights off after awhile. We have done our best to come up with some excellent options for you! Enjoy trying the following activities.

Fluid Art

Fluid art is all the rage and for good reason, it is fun, easy, and yields beautiful results. Grab a variety of paint colors, including metallics, and divvy them up into little cups. Then take turns adding the colors in layers while you tilt the canvas. Leave them to dry on a flat surface for a few days as the pain can take a while to set up and dry. Each piece is incredibly unique and will be a statement piece for any room.

Melted crayon painting

We all remember the melted crayon rainbow art, but have you actually made one? This can be a great addition to craft night because you can choose to do a rainbow, choose to do an ombre effect, or simply choose your favorite colors. Most of us already have random Tupperware full of old crayons anyways. Get creative and have fun, but don’t forget your glue gun to attach the crayons and a hairdryer to melt them.

Geometric Painting 

Use tape to section off your canvas. Choose five or six bright colors and begin painting all the shapes your tape made. In the end, you’ll have an almost art deco style painting worthy of a place on your wall. The best part is it doesn’t matter the types of mediums you use. Any type of tape on any type of canvas with any type of paint works wonders.

Painting on a Pillow

Have a pillow you hate? Redo it by painting with fabric paint try painting a sunset or ombre colors as this will look great on just about any texture of fabric. 

Puffy Paint Outline on Canvas

Trace a photo of your loved one onto some tracing paper and transfer the lines onto the canvas. Outline the lines with black puffy paint and then paint within the shapes to create a fun caricature painting of your loved one. Nothing is better than having self-painted items adorning the walls of your homes.

Stencil Graffiti Art

Grab a large blank canvas and pretend to be a graffiti stencil artist for a day. This can be a great project for a group as you can each add a different element to create your graffiti wall. Have your kids help, they will have a blast making a mess. Bold colors and images make for great stencils and there is even a service that will turn your photos into stencils for you to paint with. Don’t forget to save them for later use. 

Paint By Numbers

DIY paint by numbers is the perfect activity for craft night. Not only can you personalize your canvas with your favorite image, but you can even colorize the image in a free online photo editor to make it a bit more funky or abstract by choosing a color overlay or by making everything in the photo grayscale except one item.

There is nothing like doing things yourself. Crafting your own items not only creates memories with friends but also leaves you with items to treasure. Imagine how amazing it would be to live in a house adorned with items created by you and your friends. Trying new things is a great way to break the monotony of everyday life, and everyone appreciates things made by hand. 

Image by L Gould from Pixabay 

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