Do CBD Products Help To Manage Post-War Trauma?

Not until recently did the drug market come to know that CBD can help relieve PTSD. Regardless of the product type, topicals and edibles can help reduce the effects of stress disorders after trauma. The world has seen several wars throughout the years. Most veterans and people involved in wars of any kind tend to experience post-war trauma. It can take any form. Post-war trauma can create life-threatening impacts on the mental well-being of the individual. One way to prevent this is by working on the triggers. Generally, therapy and counseling are the ways to do this. Now, CBD pills are a new addition to the existing remedies for post-war trauma.


We will see how CBD can help manage post-war trauma. Read on.

What is post-war trauma?

According to a report by NCBI, war trauma can trigger anxiety attacks and fear in people. Remembering painful incidents is another usual symptom of post-war trauma. According to Neuroscience experts, PTSD can trigger other physical disorders as well. Hallucinations and interrupting thoughts are characteristics of Post-war trauma. Most percent of the population involved in a war likely experience post-war trauma. It is when the nervous functioning gets stuck and can last for months.

If you feel numb and hear exploding noises in your ears constantly, you might be experiencing post-war trauma. Often, people with trauma tend to believe that their minds will never be okay again. If you are not sure, here are some of the symptoms in a person with PTSD or post-war trauma.

  • The human nervous system reacts to stress in two ways: Mobilization and immobilization. PTSD often comes with immobilization due to shock. Other symptoms in veterans include:
  • Constant reminders of the traumatic incident inside the head. It can include uncontrollable shivering, increased palpitations, and anxiety.
  • Avoiding the things that remind the person of the trauma. Post-trauma can make them avoid places and people that can remind them of the trauma.
  • Constant negative thinking can cause changes in action. Anger and frustration can start setting in with continual negative thoughts.

Now that you know how to spot PTSD in people let us see how CBD can help people with PTSD.

CBD for post-war trauma

Firstly, CBD is legal in most states and regions. The law allows CBD products to contain less than 0.3 percent THC. So, if you want to consume CBD legally, there are several online dispensaries you can check out.

Coming to CBD for Post-war trauma, several researchers support the idea of using the compound for PTSD. A study in 2016 found that drugs that interact with the endocannabinoid system can reduce the impact of PTSD in patients. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing mental and physical balance. There are several properties that CBD possesses that can help in managing post-war trauma.

●     Anxiolytic and antidepressant

CBD is a substance that interacts with the endocannabinoid system and produces antidepressant effects. Our body produces cannabinoids naturally. Consuming CBD adds to the benefits that these natural cannabinoids have.

Our central and peripheral nervous systems contain cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. CBD interacts with these receptors and produces antidepressant effects. Anecdotal evidence states that consuming CBD shows effects on people with stress disorders. Similarly, for people with post-war trauma, CBD can be helpful.

Generally, after the memory extinction procedure, CBD can reduce the symptoms of depression. Neuroscience experts say CBD affects the hippocampus and amygdala parts of the brain. It is how it helps in managing the symptoms effectively.

●     CBD promotes sleep

Even normal anxiety can cause sleep disruptions. As we know, people with trauma after a war tend to hear noises around them. Disturbing thoughts can affect the sleep cycle and can lead to poor health.

CBD possesses properties that can help in improving sleep quality. By reducing stress and anxiety, CBD helps in relaxing our minds. In a way, it will reduce the pressure that post-war trauma has on an individual.

People report an improved sleep quality after using regulated amounts of CBD for some time. Also, CBD possesses muscle-relaxant properties that can relieve tension in muscles and relax the body.

How to use CBD for post-war trauma? 

Many researchers studied the different types of CBD and their effectiveness for post-war trauma. Both topicals and edibles are currently under study to find their ways of action for PTSD.

A study in 2019 found that CBD capsules, when taken along with traditional treatment, could be effective. Another 2016 study found that topical CBD can help relieve anxiety in a child with PTSD.

So, what kind of CBD products can you use to treat post-war trauma?

●     Gummies

CBD Gummies are flavorful, chewy candies that come in different forms. Trauma can affect people from any age group. Gummies suit all age groups. It can help children with PTSD and can help relieve stress and tension. Also, due to their flavor and taste, they are suitable for older people.

●     Oils

CBD oils available in the market right now have higher bioavailability meaning that they are readily available for absorption by our bodies. As they come with infused essential oils, they are healthy to use.

●     Pills

Pills are comfortable to use. They are the most effective of all. Also, as they break into the bloodstream, the absorption rate of CBD with pills is higher.

Things you should know

While CBD is ideal for trauma treatment, there are some downsides. Some of them include:

  • Sleepiness and exhaustion throughout the day
  • Users might start feeling addicted to the compound.
  • CBD reacts with other drugs.
  • Continual usage of CBD can increase the risk of liver damage.

Not just that, overdosing on CBD impacts the metabolism and creates hormonal imbalance.

To conclude, CBD can be a great option. But its effects depend on several factors like the health condition and the product’s nature. It is advisable to consult with an expert before proceeding with any CBD product. Also, understanding the product can help avoid hassles and have a smooth experience.

Photo by Kimzy Nanney on Unsplash

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