Doc Snippets

On a recent event at UCLA, the 43rd Congress of the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, I was invited by its Interim President, Prof. Ileana Costea, to speak about what I do as an architect-filmmaker. I decided to edit “an extended trailer” of selected segments from my films. I called it “Doc Snippets.”

Beyond some short notes on my practice as an architect and my passion for film since I was a student, I saw the question “Why are architectural documentaries important?” as the most relevant. Why?

The transformation of the planet to accommodate 10 billion people by 2050 will demand the active input of all its inhabitants, which would include self-help. Architecture awareness is critical to confront planetary challenges such as climate change, sustainability, population growth, mobility, food production, conservation of natural spaces, visual pollution, and over-crowding.

My films, most of them on architecture-related subjects, inform the viewer about the relationship between quality-space and human scale, and about meaning in the configuration of spaces.

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