Does the Starburst Slot Show How Themes of Nostalgia are Still Alive and Well?

Even though the world of online slots is awash with innovative and progressive offerings that make use of all the latest technology, many players are still on the hunt for nostalgia. There are plenty of games out there that keep things simple and old school. Starburst, for instance, is one of the most played games on the market. It’s also one of the more basic options. This shows how themes of nostalgia are still alive and well in the entertainment industry.

Starburst Slot Harks Back to Games of Old

The Starburst slot game from NetEnt is one of the purist games in the genre. This is because it doesn’t have any amazingly fancy themes or wild ideas, it is just a basic reel spinner that harks back to the games that started it all. The hugely popular offering has simple symbols of gems and diamonds and is set against a space-themed background. All players have to do is match symbols to spin in wins.

This game clearly takes influence from the early hand-operated slot machines that gave birth to the multibillion-dollar industry that exists today. It attracts a wide player base, with a lot of older players enjoying it because it reminds them of the games they used to play in their youth. Newcomers at online casinos relish it for its simplicity, and it makes for a good entry-level slot for beginners as it helps them get used to the mechanics.

Why do People Love Nostalgia?

Retro options aren’t just taking the online casino world by storm. Indeed, they can be found in almost every sector of the entertainment industry. It seems that a vast number of people love themes of nostalgia. But why is that?

Nostalgia is defined as a longing feeling for the past. When people experience it, they are taken back to a time much simpler. Our memories trick us into thinking things were perfect, compared to the modern day, where we may be facing problems. According to licenced psychologist Doctor Krystine Batcho, nostalgia is a unifying emotional experience. It reminds us of who we have been in the past and helps us develop a firmer grip on our own identities.

Nostalgia is also a social emotion. It triggers happy memories of times we have spent with family and friends and brings back all those feelings that we experienced before.

What Other Pieces of Entertainment are Great for Nostalgia?

There are plenty of other ways for people to get a nostalgia fix. One of the best options recently was to purchase the PlayStation Classic. Sony opted to rerelease the device that kickstarted its dominance of the console market, and it allowed people to play all the games they used to love almost 30 years ago. For fans of television, Stranger Things has been great for nostalgia. The series is set in the 1980s and features constant pop culture references from that time, including Ghostbusters and Dungeons and Dragons.

Nostalgia is a fantastic feeling, and people will continue to search out forms of entertainment that help them experience it. As industries like online casinos advance, there will still be options like Starburst that help people remember how it used to be.

Photo by Benoit Dare on Unsplash

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