NYC-ARTS, WNET’s multi-platform New York-area arts and culture resource, is launching a new social media campaign, #DoesArtMatter, to start a public dialogue about the role of the arts in modern society. It’s on on Twitter and Tumblr, and at Facebook.com/NYCdashARTS.
Thinkers from Rumi to Rockefeller have written about the importance of art to society. With this campaign, NYC-ARTS gives the podium to the artist, teacher, designer, writer, politician, chemist, anthropologist, parent, child, journalist, psychologist and philosopher to discuss whether art matters, and why.
“In a city where the arts draw millions of tourists and visitors from around the globe, it is important to remember that art does matter,” said New York Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, Chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee.
“WNET has been a leader in the arts for our nearly 50 years in existence, seeing the arts as a fundamental element of our educational mission,” says Neal Shapiro, WNET President and CEO. “This campaign marks the first time we’ve looked to social media to start a dialogue about a topic so essential to our contribution to the tri-state area: the value of the arts in society.”
The simple connector of this campaign is the hash tag #DoesArtMatter. Beginning March 22, NYC-ARTS News Correspondent Christina Ha and the rest of the team on NYC-ARTS will ask television viewers and followers of @HaNYCARTS and @NYCARTS on Twitter to weigh in on the question, “Does Art Matter?”
“#DoesArtMatter uses a powerful multimedia presence to create a forum where individuals can pool their thoughts and questions about the role of art, particularly in a time of financial upheaval,” says Dan Greenberg, General Manager of the Interactive Engagement Group at WNET.
Using its website and social media properties, NYC-ARTS will share quotes, videos, photos and links to related sources by arts groups and representatives from a wide range of fields, including the arts, science, education, politics, business and religion who have commented on how or why art matters. This is an open invitation to Cultural Weekly readers to contribute ideas and opinions, which can be aggregated by using the hash tag #DoesArtMatter in whatever medium a statement is placed (Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blog post, etc.).

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