Dogs’ Days, Everyday!

Creative entrepreneur and Cultural Weekly reader Jordan Ancel has launched a crowdfunding campaign for, a new venture dedicated to saving money and dogs.

How does he plan to do that? Calling it a “Groupon for dogs,” Ancel explains that “Creative people love their dogs and like to treat them to the best things possible. But it can be ridiculously expensive to care for our dogs. That’s why we’re bringing you the best dog products and services at prices everyone can afford.”

In addition, will be donating a significant amount of its profits to charities that save dogs’ lives, including the American Humane Society, Best Friends Animal Society and Arctic Rescue.

TV stars Brittany Underwood (Hollywood Heights, One Life To Live) and Kristen Alderson (General Hospital, One Life To Live) have joined with Ancel to promote the new enterprise. needs to raise $75,000 by May 31, 2014, to launch its business by the end of the year. Enjoy their fun video, below, then go to their Indiegogo page at and kick in all the money you can get your paws on. Woof!

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