DT LAB: Sessions and Solutions Brewing

We are very excited about three projects that we have started (or are continuing). Each represents the ethos behind Writ Large Press.
So far, the events we have put on or have facilitated through DT•LAB have been bigger scale and have been held in the main floor and stage of The Last Bookstore. But with Lab Sessions, we have started our first series that takes place inside the cozy confines of DT•LAB.
Lab Sessions is a brainchild of Peter Woods. From the start, Peter believed that we could put on incredible concerts inside our tiny space. And man, was he right.

We kicked off the series on Wednesday, October 16th, with a solo cello performance from Isaac Takeuchi. The space was packed. I mean, it only took 8 people to pack it, but that’s what made it so special! A completely intimate experience. During a tight 30 minute set, Isaac blew everyone away.
There were more people standing outside the LAB, listening in.
We have a line-up of fantastic musicians scheduled. But the Lab Sessions won’t be just a concert series. We’ll be mixing in artists, writers, makers, and alchemists of all types.
The smallness of the space creates a sense of voyeurism, as if we are sitting and watching the artist at work.
Continuing our Year of Underground Publishing, we kicked off the Poetics project. Judeth Oden Choi, spearheading the PUBLISH! project, created a poetics problem, an equation, and we are asking for people to send in “solutions.” These solutions can be in the form of a poem, prose, video, audio, photo or any other creative endeavor.
We will publish every solution we receive in You Can Too: Underground Publishing in 2013 or on the PUBLISH! website.
Every couple of weeks, we’ll create and post a new problem to solve.
The third project is my new book. It’s called It Was Always the Weight of Everything.
It’s a book I haven’t written yet.
The rules:

  • Launch a Facebook page for the book.
  • Get to 500 likes on the page.
  • Start writing when it reaches that number.
  • Finish writing in 2 weeks.
  • Publish it the following week.
  • Give the book away free.
  • Release it as Public Domain.

I explain the thinking behind this on my blog. But basically, it’s the continuation of our exploration into the relationship between writer and reader, what role the book plays between the two groups of people, and what we can do to evolve the dynamic as we move forward as a community. It also is a chance to experiment with free books and killing copyright.
There you have it! Just another dull week in the life of Writ Large Press, possibly the most ridiculous little publisher in the city.

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