DTLAB: Halfway Through #90for90

It’s safe to say that DTLAB has found a home inside the Union Station. More specifically, inside the Traxx Bar inside the Union Station. Every night has been a special event and I find myself surprised each time.

As we near the halfway point (FINALLY!!! ALREADY???), we’re starting to pick up a bit of a buzz. Maybe a little more than a bit.

Anyway, I have to admit:

It’s been a ridiculously amazing journey so far!

Huge thanks to everyone who has taken part, as presenter, audience member, bar staff, random barflies. All of you!

And next week — drum roll please — we hit the halway point on Monday, 8/11. Our 45th event. And it’s going to be an extra special one.

You don’t believe me? Well believe Shana Nys Dambrot at LA Weekly!

Chiwan Choi, partner in Writ Large Press and co-founder of the #90for90 series, is coming out of semi-retirement to read his own poems and stories. Ah, Choi. If they named a drink after him, which someone really should, it would be called the Lightning Rod. It’d be whiskey-based.

But forget about me for a second! Except you, bartenders. You all get behind the bar now and create the Lightning Rod!

I will be reading with one of the most incredible poets around, Douglas Kearney.

[embedvideo id=”LevPe2FBDzY” website=”youtube”]

Come. Really. Come on Monday. It will be one of the greatest readings you’ve ever been to.

The rest of the week continues with a powerhouse line-up of readers and events: Catie Disabato and Claire Cronin hosting Super Fan Night (TV!). Ed Lin and Steph Cha sitting at the Drunken Masters chairs. The wonderful Loretta McCormick leading a group of crazy Cal State Northridge authors.

And Saturday is an event that involves me again (sorry!). It’s a combination 44th birthday party (for me) and Bon Voyage party for Judeth, who leaves on Sunday for Pittsburgh to start her PhD at Carnegie Mellon. So come out on Saturday and laugh, cry, drink, hug, and play with us.

I say, all in all, that’s a quite spectacular way to hit the mid-point of our #90for90. I feel fortunate and humbled to be taking part in a couple of the events.

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