DTLAB: The Return

UPDATE: We have changed the location for the entire duration of DTLAB. It’s now at happening at Les Noces Du Figaro – 618 S. Broadway Ave., LA CA 90014


After just about half a year, give or take a few weeks, we are happy to announce:


Not only back, but back with 100% MORE BOOZE.

Yup. DTLAB is going to be opening as a 3-month pop-up bookstore and bar. Books from LA-based publishers and writers. And yes. A BAR. With patio drinking. A 50-person capacity rooftop. A full bar. Some food.


We will be opening at Kitchen Table, a beautiful and unique 2-level restaurant on 4th & Main (right next door to Baco Mercat) that opened in late 2012 (I think), and within months was closed down due to some mysterious and sketchy reasons, months before DTLAB got tossed out of The Last Bookstore for sketchy ass reasons.

The owner is Ray Jaghori, the man who also owns the Old Bank District Market across the street. This whole time that the restaurant has been closed, he’s been keeping up with rent and planning on reopening some day.

Well, he has decided he wants to have some fun and let Writ Large Press open inside Kitchen Table for the summer, starting in mid-June.

It’s kind of crazy for me on a personal level because the building in which Kitchen Table now exists used to be a mom-and-pop burger joint and mini-market. My childhood friend John’s parents owned it. And that’s where my very first job was, running the mini-market side of it. It was the summer in which I turned 17. They bought me a bus pass and paid me in minimum wage and free burgers.

I also made some extra cash each day by holding cash for the coke dealer that worked right outside all day, every day. He’d tip me out before I headed home.

There’s a lot of cleaning up to be done, business stuff to get up to date, and most importantly on our end, events to schedule.

This is where you come in:

Our rather insane goal is to book an event EVERY SINGLE NIGHT from mid-June to mid-September. That’s 90 events.

Readings. Lectures. Panels. Movies (there’s a screen installed on the gorgeous roof!). Performers.


So let’s throw down. Hit us up about setting up events. If you have my email or Peter’s email, contact us through that. If not, use this email.

Or find us on Facebook or Twitter or wherever/however.




What are you looking for?