DTLAB: In Transit

Oh. Good. God. DTLAB – Take Three.

No no. Not the triple take, and definitely not a quadruple take, although this video of Patrick Stewart is the single greatest video of all time:

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What I mean is, this happened:

We had to move DTLAB to another location. Again. And we’re still alive. Not just alive, but actually hitting our stride. How? Well, our new (and final!) home for #90for90 is…

INSIDE THE FREAKIN’ UNION STATION!!! At one of the coolest bars in all of LA, the Traxx Bar & Restaurant.


I have to say though, when we got notice that we were going to have to move on to Plan C, I was a “little bit” perturbed. And tired. It happened Saturday night after our 15th event. It wasn’t anybody’s fault or anything. The owners of Figaro, who were gracious enough to host us last minute after our first location change, felt that it was time for us to move on.

And it was. Even though it wasn’t a perfect fit space-wise, they’d afforded us enough time to build momentum and excitement for DTLAB, and more importantly, time enough for us to see how special the #90for90 project was going to be.

So how did we not only survive such a change, but end up in a place that might be a perfect fit for us?

Tara Thomas. The chef/owner of Traxx Bar & Restaurant inside Union Station.

We’d met her through another acquaintance while walking in downtown a couple of weeks before we even started DTLAB. And when she heard what we were doing, she wanted to talk to us about possibly doing a future event at her place.

Then Peter was involved in Anna Broome’s show at Art-Share LA, in which Tara was also took part.

And then, once more, Tara was involved in the Gen F release party at DTLAB. She had seen what we were doing. She had taken part in the festivities, in the celebration of community and arts.

When we put out the word that we were once again searching for a space, Tara immediately stepped in.

It is so fitting that after hopping around all of downtown LA that we’d end up in a train station. We are constantly in motion, but to make people’s lives intersect.

We are humbled by how much support and love and offers of assistance we’ve received as we trip and stumble and bounce around trying to carry out this (irresponsible, insane) #90for90 project.

It’s kind of incredible knowing that we are not alone.

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