Edward Swan: “Birthday Serenade”

Birthday Serenade

It’s my mom’s birthday today.
I came to Her backyard to offer a serenade:

‘I’ll Fly Away.’

I sang and strummed on my uke;
the flora and fauna offered backup vocals
and accompanying instruments.

When I finished,

I noticed a plethora of full-bodied dandelions
standing in ovation,
birthday candles no doubt.

I began to think of what to wish for.

I closed my eyes and pressed my cheek to the warming sun
as the birds offered their suggestions.

The breeze simultaneously kissed my body and whispered
to me through the tall oak, standing stoic in the yard:

Let your mom be the wind.
Let the wind have Her wishes.

And let those wishes find fertile ground to seed themselves in.

You are Mother and you are Mother Earth;
that is why I know you have not left.

Every dandelion will stand, and their seed take flight,
in remeberance of that.

Happy Heavenly Birthday!


(Swan Start Scholarships is a scholarship created by the Swan siblings to honor their mother and to give young people a chance at college.)

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