Eleanor Roosevelt’s Fight for Human Rights

Eleanor Roosevelt, the US First Lady, was not just a trophy wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. She created a legacy by establishing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She always immersed herself in serving the common people and took a deep interest in social justice issues. The social reformer never wanted to settle for regular domestic affairs and stepped out instead to bring about social reforms.
An inspirational character
Eleanor Roosevelt earned her chair of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Her humanitarian achievements became an inspiration to all the generations afterward as she showed what a lady could do if she has the ambition to do something good for Society. 
She might have been the center of all controversies, but she truly became the sole inspiration for all caste and creed people, politicians, and non-politicians to explore the greatness that is already hidden somewhere in you. 
No gender discrimination
The quotes of Eleanor Roosevelt became the ultimate encouragement to people who always believed that they belong to the lower caste and they can’t be a proper part of the Society. Women in those days only participated in the household chores. But the bold personality showed the world what a woman could do if she gets equal privileges. Gender discrimination should never be the pillar of any society. There is no reason you will believe that the woman or the African-Americans are not as good as you all. 
Explore yourself
Eleanor Roosevelt is one of those rare personalities who claimed and believed whole-heartedly that you have to explore yourself to give the best efforts in whatever you do. 

  • You must do the things you think you cannot do.”

Have you ever thought this way? Numerous times, you don’t have the courage to start work because you underestimate yourself. The next time when you feel so, just remember the words of Roosevelt that you have to do all those things that you think you can never achieve. Unless you conquer the fear within, you cannot achieve what you can through your hard work. Only if you believe in yourself and give your best efforts will you be surprised to see that you just managed to do what you thought was impossible. 

  • Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Now that sounds interesting. Just imagine how a lady could write something so deep years back when a female had no such right to speak in public and express opinions about Society and life. Fear is one thing that can hold you back for the entire life. Once you become old, you will suddenly realize that you missed vital aspects of life due to fear. So, every day, why don’t you try something scary as per your definition? It will be like pushing your limits and see how you conquer and dominate the fear. 

  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

If you research online, you will know that Eleanor Roosevelt worked till the last day of her life to bring reforms in the Society. She wanted to fight for the social rights of those whom the elite class tag as the “non-inclusive” parts of the Society. She thought you could not become a person of inferior quality as someone of social importance told you so. 
You have to believe in yourself and remember that if you are an able person and have talent, then nobody has the right to make you feel low. The famous eleanor roosevelt quotes still are equally applicable in Society.

  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Don’t stop dreaming, and that’s what the great lady believed all through her life. The dream of achieving success gives you the motivation to work. If you dream big, you will feel the driving force to work hard and reach that goal of life. But if you don’t dare to dream, how will you strive to achieve it? To accomplish a task successfully, you have to take control of your future. 
You need to believe that life will be as beautiful as you have always expected to be. It also helps to find happiness in every small thing you do. Love yourself and be confident of earning your rights in the world. 
Image by deanwinchester12 from Pixabay 

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