Elisa Bocanegra on Spirited María Irene Fornés

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Today I’m proud to share a moving interview with Elisa Bocanegra telling us about a dear mentor of hers, the amazing María Irene Fornés, a Cuban-American force of nature. Irene is an artist who has directly inspired me in my work as a writer and director, so this one is personal.

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Warm wishes to each of you– and enjoy the interviews!


Elisa Bocanegra on Spirited María Irene Fornés

This one is close to my heart. Irene Fornés is my dear friend and inspiration. If not for her I would not have written my first play. Theater artist Elisa Bocanegra tells us the story of this high-spirited, brilliant Cuban émigré who was more dedicated to art and writing than anyone I’ve ever known. An artist, through and through, she was also a teacher, and her unconventional, humanistic, imagistic point of view has guided hundreds and hundreds of writers, Latinos and others as well. We give you this moving interview with love and deep admiration for our Irene.

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