Encounter point with a child of the city … an image, a poem.


The child of the city

between guns’ echoes sifts

sand and

laps at the water with

thirsty roots that stop

at the concrete edge


the market voices

people the earth and

irridescent substance

surrounds the child


come steel seasons

of bird cages and


come soul seasons

of roses and


come the painful season

of changing flesh

of mute screams and

soft echoes



The child of the city

betwee guns echoes

sifts sand and laps at the water with

roots that cling to

the concrete edge

while tender calls

pass by

in leaded seasons of

thought and

blurred images



The child of the cities

sees the circus of gold

the tent of blood

the rusty avenues

the awnings of flesh

the I that sees him.


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Credit image Maurice Amiel … at Le Festin Royal, Montreal.

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