Enjoy A Friday Night Saving The World’s Oceans

Eight-million pieces of plastic pollution flow into our world’s oceans every single day. The sheer scale and magnitude of oceanic pollution and destruction is nearly impossible to grasp considering it’s estimated that over five-trillion microplastic pieces currently float in the open sea around the globe. This is perhaps most sobering when one considers that eighty percent of the world’s oceans are still unexplored, while more people have stepped foot on the surface of the moon than traveled to our planet’s farthest depths. It is not uncommon to feel powerless in the face of facts like these… Nor outlandish to feel like society is fighting against the tide, swelling ever stronger thanks to this pollutant sea monster lurking just off our Los Angeles coastline. Statistics so drastic and daunting could and should leave any climate-conscious Angelino wondering, “Where do I even begin?” 

The answer: Life Beneath The Waves—a one-night art exhibit showcasing Los Angeles’ young, emerging artists with 100% of proceeds being donated to the Surfrider Foundation in an effort to protect and preserve our world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. Life Beneath The Waves is a collaborative effort between conservation photographer & cinematographer Tyler Schiffman and LA chef Tae Woo Lee—an idea forged over sustainable seafood and evenings poring over Schiffman’s stunning underwater photographs—which invites artists and LA residents to interact, celebrate, and most importantly help save the oceans. 

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Life Beneath The Waves will take place Friday, July 26th, at The Rose Room in Venice, and will feature a must-see lineup of artists and works including: oceanic photography by Tyler Schiffman and Davis Huber; recycled, mixed media artwork derived from ocean debris and beach litter by LA’s Ilaria De Plano; and paintings and wood burnings by Jessie KB Art & Photography. Guests will be treated to live musical performances by Van El, Savannah Lynx, and a DJ set by Shea Carter, all while enjoying a custom menu of sustainable seafood prepared by Chefs Tae Woo Lee and Jake Geragos. 


Aside from live music, great food, and incredible, local art, Life Beneath The Waves will give visitors the chance to win raffled photography prints, VAER watches, Surfrider foundation packages, Gnarwhal coffee, and even original artworks. Yes, the situation surrounding our oceans is a dire one… Yes, the clock is ticking and the tides of pollution and maltreatment of our world’s marine life is rising… But there is something you can do, and it starts with a ticket to an event that promises to spark vital eco-conversation, effect positive change, and offer guests a great night out… So dive in and experience Life Beneath The Waves. 

Doors will open at 8pm and the event is 21+ (IDs required). For more information and to purchase your tickets, visit Eventbrite: Life Beneath The Waves. 

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