Enjoy the perfect short break with these games

If you are looking for a casual game you can dig into, during those short breaks or commute journeys, this piece has you covered.

This is an interesting minimal tower defence game. The game involves circling an inner ring and defending it against incoming objects. Apart from the circular motion, you have to be in rotation as well. You won’t be facing the object all the time and you still need to align your shot to destroy the object.

The Square
With the square, you are placed in a big square as a white object and you have to collect coins by moving your arrow keys. Beware of flying black squares that can hit you. The game can also be played in your browser.

2048 beer edition
2048 beer edition on Casinojuggler is another simplistic game you can play on your browser. It simply involves moving tiles with the arrow keys until you get to the 2048 tile. The fun is in beating your highest score. It doesn’t take time to see why it is a favourite on many mobile casinos.

This is an impressive game lauded for its design. The background score will quickly become a favourite. In the game, you have two balls on the opposite side of an invisible ring. As the ring moves, you need to arrange the balls in such a way that obstacles won’t hit them. This is a slightly difficult casual game.

One More Run
If you love Cricket, you will love this game. Unlike other games, this one isn’t about bat or ball or boundaries. It is about running. You will be given a target to achieve with a certain number of balls. You have to achieve your target simply by running between the wickets. When you hit a certain run mark in a tournament, you will be awarded a ‘Six’ that can be used at any time.

Colour Switch
This game has an impressive story and game-play. It is based on David Reichelt’s colours. The game is mostly based on a tapping action. You have to help a ball pass through obstacles of similar colours without bursting them. The game has different modes including Challenge, Reverse, Arcade and Normal to make sure you will always get your desired level of difficulty.

Tap Tap Dash
This is the game for you if you want something really fast. The game features a character running across a maze so all you need to do is to move it in the direction you feel is the right one. The character will run automatically. In some junctions, you have to jump, double tap and then dash.

Crossy Roads
With Crossy Roads, you have a simple but addictive game about crossing roads and obstacles. Simply tapping the screen will make characters jump ahead. Moving the character simply involves tapping the screen in your desired direction. The game doesn’t end so the end goal is to score as much points as possible before you are hit. As you play, you can unlock new characters, get new coins and get rewards.

The game is about ball riding a wave. The main aim to avoid spikes on the waves and the score increases as you survive. This is the ultimate game for when you need to relieve stress for a couple of minutes.

These are the top games you should go with when you need short term stress relief.

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