Dawn streetscape …

 … involves an experience of the world the directness of which allows it to address certain perceptual registers, such as the ones provided by: the color of virgin snow at the door step, in the feature image, and by the colors of the sky and of street lights, at dawn, differently reflected by snow as shown below.

streetscape at dawn
streetscape at dawn

Afternoon streetscape …

… under the stained-glass of the top part of a window, the layers of gray green and red combination of streetscape furnishings can be seen through the bottom part of same window, all under the low afternoon sun light.

The image is solidly structured by the back-lit interior elements of the window: its frame and the three candle holding lanterns, as shown below.

Afternoon streetscape
Afternoon streetscape


When the cleaning sponge slipped off my hand …

… and landed on the oxidized copper pot cover located in my stainless-steel kitchen sink, its bright green wave like surface pattern literally stopped me in my tracks.

It took three camera settings for indoor light adjustment to come up with this faithful-to-color image of the sponge resting near the center of a radial pattern of shadow and light, seemingly insisting to be recorded before I could continue with the evening dishwashing!

The green sponge
The green sponge


End words

At different times of day, sun or spot light will produce ambient and particular color nuances available to the attentive eye … and soul?

These ephemeral color combinations, under different light situations, speak to me of their poignant evanescent nature, while calling my own into consciousness.


Credit all photographs to Maurice Amiel

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