Erlin Sosa: “The Troubled Man”

(“Tomorrow’s Voices Today“ is a new series curated by poet and educator Mike Sonksen.)

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Father… I hope you’re doing okay
Somewhere along the way you made a wrong turn and got lost
You left without a goodbye making me turn to the dark side
I was only four years old when I heard the family war
I only wished that you put the bottle down
You didn’t care that you lied to your own flesh and blood
It’s been seven years since we’ve spoken last
Leaving me to deal with it all on my own
Broken and bruised and you did not care
I asked myself, why did you bring me into the light?
They said I didn’t hurt you
But why did it feel like I turned you?
Didn’t you remember I was your little girl?
How could you push me out of your world?
You made it look so easy to forget me
And I tried to do the same, but all I felt was a missing piece
I was too young to deal with a heartbreak
Yet it was not enough for you to try to stop it
Now I’m older and I understand better
So thank you father for making me stronger
Even though sometimes I think I still hate you
I’m sorry for feeling like that
But I still wish you the best
Even if you started this whole war inside of me
You tried but you gave up before it even started
Maybe I was too much to manage
But I still needed you
You tried your best or did you?
I knew you were a troubled man
And I know you never got the chance
To be your best
Just know that I prayed for you
And I hope that you got a second chance

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