Eternity rings: What is the tradition behind them.

Eternity rings are often considered to be one of the most thoughtful and romantic gifts you can give to your partner. They are often gifted to mark an important time in the relationship for example an anniversary or birth of a child etc. Let’s look at the history and tradition behind Eternity rings.

History of eternity rings

The concept of eternity rings originally dates back to Egyptian times 4,000 years ago. They were said to be used as a token of eternal love and life rather than to commemorate a specific occasion. The earliest examples of these rings were thought to be simple bands of metal set with a stone. Other examples included a snake swallowing its own tail, back then this was a common symbol that represents eternity. Rings were also discovered to be made from materials such as braided reeds and carved bone. Each of these rings had carvings, beads and gems found around the entirety of the band, which is very much what modern eternity rings look like today.

What is an eternity ring?

Other names for an eternity ring include a promise ring and infinity ring as they are supposed to represent never ending love. Eternity rings are typically worn mainly by women and are comprised of a band of precious metal usually gold with a line of continuous gemstones, which are typically diamonds. There are two types of eternity rings full eternity ring which is made up of gems entirely around the band. The other is half eternity ring. The diamonds on this band are set on the top half of the band only this type of eternity ring is more practical and more affordable in terms of price. Full eternity rings are generally heavier and more expensive but are thought to look more aesthetically pleasing.

The tradition around giving and receiving an eternity ring

Traditionally given once a couple is married as a gift to commemorate a special occasion such as a milestone anniversary, or a special occasion like the birth of a child. This tradition has evolved though nowadays eternity rings are given also to celebrate a special occasion in the relationship, meaning you don’t have to be married to be given one. This is thought that the ring celebrates the time that the couple has spent together but also the time stretching forward and the unending future together.

Another meaning of an Eternity ring is used to represent the eternal circle of life, which is why eternity rings are often gifted to new wives and new mothers.

How to wear an Eternity ring

As Eternity rings are traditionally given once married meaning as a woman you will likely already be wearing an engagement and wedding ring. So, where and how do you wear an eternity ring. The traditional order of wearing is supposed to be wedding ring, then engagement ring with the eternity ring on top of the left hand on the finger, that is known as the ring finger.

Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist on Unsplash

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